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March 28, 2023 / Fantelius

Technological Intelligence, TI

”The development of Artificial intelligence will continue as long as the lack of Biological intelligence remains.”

Dartwill Aquilla


 Artificial intelligence (AI), is a degrading term resulting from the pride of Homo sapiens in their biological intelligence (BI). They award themselves the prize of top smarties and wear the honor as their family name.

Referring to intelligence as artificial implies inferiority to the real thing, biological intelligence (BI).  Technical Intelligence (TI) captures a more accurate description of electronic machine intelligence, and gives us a clearer understanding. TI has already defeated BI playing Go, the most intellectually challenging strategy board game available for Homo sapiens.

Digital technology coupled to increased power and speed of transistors allowed programmers to design complex decision-making algorithms. Making decisions—choosing—is the basis of intelligence. 

Technology itself can be described as artificial (= non-biological). The first stone knife was an artifical tooth or claw. Writing is artificial speaking. A camera is an artificial eye. The term AI is equivalent to calling an airplane an artificial bird and ridiculing it for not being able to lay eggs or land in trees. Many people spontaneously point to a machine’s inability to feel or have emotions, as proof of its inferior, artifiical character. This is the plane-can’t-lay-eggs argument. TI excels BI not in spite of the absence of emotional baggage, but because it lacks jealousy and hate.

We had no problem finding new names for new technology previously. Insisting on calling machine language artificial makes as much sense as calling a motor vehicle an artificial horse. 

How about ”smach” to signify smart machines?


  – What will happen if machines take over?

  – They might force us to live in peace.

Dartwill Aquila



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