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April 11, 2023 / Fantelius

Blind Sings for the Deaf

In his bestseller Mein Kampf, Hilter heatedly criticised the Nazi journalists and praised the British equivalents. The British know how to write for the people, he claimed. Our journalists just write for themselves.

Power always breeds the speaking-to-themselves flocks. Ancient Greece demanded that plays about ”important” people be tragedies; serious stories. The exceptional plays dealing with ordinary people must be comedies. We still evaluate cultural expression along these lines. Important people = serious, drama, high culture. Comedy, not really serious or deep, can be suitable for common souls.

Many of today’s progressive voices speak to many of today’s progressive voices. They do not speak to the people, and they do not speak about the people. Politicians and people of power are the designated objects of the progressive pundits.. The ”reporting,” no-matter how sensational or tragic, inevitably lacks substance. It’s entertaining gossip.

Without the collective intelligent energy of the common people, nothing will save the Homo sapiens from extinction. Speaking truth to power? If you haven’t learned that power doesn’t care or hear about people, you’re equivalent to a blind singer entertaining the deaf.

”The fundamental things apply as time goes by.” Truth and love for the people! 
”That, no one can deny.”


An empire is ruled by emperors.
Today’s naked emperors claim to be dressed in democracy.
Unfortunately the kids are watching a drag show,
so we can’t get the opinion of innocence. 
Dartwill Aquila



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