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September 30, 2022 / Fantelius

They’re not playing and it’s not a game

I wish commentators would stop saying that the money-brokers driving international events are playing God. First of all we are speaking of a battle for survival, not a game. Second of all, God doesn’t play their way under any circumstances. Thirdly, even suggesting that the greed-diseased wheeler-dealer psychopaths can play at anything, or would aspire to godly attributes dilutes the nature of these deranged monsters. They are not playing. They are aggressively conducting a merciless war on anyone or anything that cannot promote their interests or serve their obsession with gathering more wealth and power. Not to mention how they view and treat opposition.

Take the gloves off, and bare the fist of determination. The game was over a long time ago. It’s now a question of who wins the earth; the money-oriented or the people-oriented forces; the worshippers of things, or the champions of life; the collectors or the lovers?


“The globalists sitting on their mountains of wealth
are not playing God
they’re playing the devil.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

September 20, 2022 / Fantelius

Highheel Photography with Big Tits

Highheels have never been more in fashion. These uncomfortable, impractical and spine-damaging shoes exaggerate the female posture to promote a tone of sexuality established by cultural fetish. The actual sexuality, as opposed to the fetish fantasy, is non-existent except in the implicit subservience to males. You can neither run away or fight back in those spikes, darlin’. But such is the nature of culture, convention and the dictates of fashionados that even otherwise strong women shackle themselves as slaves of style.

The big breast bonanza stems from the American bigger-is-better perversion. Large mammary glands are as practical as highheels for basketball. The shape and size of breasts have zero correlation to passion and sensuality. This however has no importance for the fetish fettered male with porno-fantasies filling his otherwise faulty phallus.

Photography is also subjected to fashion and trends. Photo journalism has few avenues of exposure while celebrity and sensationalism dominate the highways of visual expression. Even ”serious” art photography must crawl in weird, exotic and speculative alleys to find profitable paths.

I’m not complaining, merely documenting. We can’t expect straight growth in twisted times.


“They exaggerate the angle of their ass and then complain when they attract assholes.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

September 17, 2022 / Fantelius

Lost in the Frost

ChildShoe8113A child lost its shoe. In the cold.
Dropped from a carriage? A dangling foot under mom’s arms?
Mom didn’t notice.
The logistics of daily life commands concentration.
A dropped shoe falls through the calculations
until it breaks on the price of a new one.
Small feet grow fast.
Unusually worn for so young a child.
A hand-me-down? Second hand?
Mom didn’t say. No time to talk.
Just a few words to soothe a cold foot
from a heart under a shadowed season.

The tattoo has no magic.
Charm evaporated from the jacket after a week.
Its promise of warmth betrayed.

Have you seen a child walking in the frost?
One bare foot?
A cloudy mom that never rains?


“So many lost souls looking to find a way while walking in the wrong direction.”
Dartwill Aquila




August 29, 2022 / Fantelius

Holy Intelligence

“In the beginning was the word. Then we got sentenced.”
Dartwill Aquila

Words are the raw materials with which we build relationships, whether between two people, a nation or anything in-between. Today’s world is cluttered with common words limping with feeble understanding due to lame definitions. This saps the strength of our community. The two words in the title are prime examples. Let’s start with the second one. 

“I like words. They have class.”
Dartwill Aquila

Intelligence is our family name, the defining characteristic of our species. If you were sitting in a pub near the end of the universe and a creature from the planet Faroutsville asked, “Who are you?”, The James-Bondish response would be, “Sapiens. Homo sapiens.”
You could add, “That means intelligent earthlings.” 

When we understand the magnificence of our intelligence, we can understand our stupidity. Intelligent and stupid? Yes, both. History overflows with examples of our stupidity, and the present is no exception. 

“The average person thinks that they are smarter than the average person.”
Dartwill Aquila

Although the word intelligence is very popular and enjoys universal prestige, it is carelessly defined, poorly understood and used with arrogant prejudice. A typical dictionary definition states: “the ability to understand and think about things, and to gain and use knowledge.”, This tells us what it does, not what it is. Such definitions clog understanding, and restrict our mental capacity. Because of the sloppy and inadequate definitions, intelligence is used as a synonym for knowledge. It isn’t. As we shall see.

The DNA of Homo sapiens and apes are 98% similar, or 94% similar, or something in-between depending on the source. Regardless of what percentage of gene similarity, it is seldom mentioned that our primate cousins have more genes than we have. Most forms of life outnumber us in gene count: butterflies, crabs, hedgehogs, grapes and strawberries for example, not to mention the water mite, Daphnia pulex. Although Daphnia is no larger than the period at the end of this sentence, it has 30.000 more genes than a Homo sapiens. What’s going on here? Motion! And intelligence.

“‘You are what you eat’, he claimed with the certainty of a wise carrot.”
Dartwill Aquila

Motion distinguishes life. That which is moving is alive. Life moves in two ways, instinctively or intelligently. Instinct moves automatically. Stimulus A causes reaction B. A burst of air (A) causes a blink (B). Automatically. Our senses register the surroundings instinctively. Most of the movements of life, and nearly all the basic movements, occur instinctively. Our biological machinery runs on instinct. We don’t apply intelligence to decide how our cells or organs function.

The opposite of instinctive motion is intelligent motion, that is to say, the motion of choice. Up or down? Away or toward? Do or don’t. Choose! Activate your mental power! The greater the amount of choices, the greater the need for intelligent thinking along with a memory (knowledge) to aid the decisions. Intelligent thinking? Yes, intelligence is a form of thinking. Thinking applied to alternatives; a process of decision, of choosing; the neurological mechanism guiding the rapid movements of animal behavior.

Instinct requires no thought, and is therefore quicker and more dependable than intelligent motion. A gene for instinctive motion contains a minimum of base pairs, and does not have to access memory. It is tiny and energy efficient. Because the water mite fits so many instinctive genes into its microscopic body, it can react to almost any condition it encounters and doesn’t have to think. It has no need for intelligence or memory.

“Without choices we become chosen; for obedience.”
Dartwill Aquila

Genes configured to make a choice are larger and slower, and must engage with memory, its primary resource. This provides more possibilities of motion than instinct, and therefore needs fewer genes. Think of instinct genes as one cent coins, and intelligent genes as dimes and quarters. 

More energy is needed for intelligent motion than instinctive reactions. The  difference can hardly be measured on a water-mite-tiny level. By the time we get to Homo sapiens, the brain which accounts for about 4% of the body mass, consumes 17% of the body’s energy. Our brain is an energy-expensive organ. Intelligence and memory processing account for a major part of the cost. 

Like all forms of life, Homo sapiens must devise ways to conserve energy. Eliminating the need to think forms an essential part of our survival strategy. Customs, traditions, ceremonies and habits are standard methods to formalize behavior and reduce the need to think.

“Claiming that this is the way we’ve always done it is as much a reason to change as not.”
Dartwill Aquila

Intelligence is an inherited, hardwired configuration of the brain allowing animals to choose between alternatives. It’s a function of motion. Homo sapiens have evolved an exceptional neurological apparatus to make choices. It characterizes our species as much as walking upright on two legs, hairless bodies, overhanging noses or small mouths. Because it is a neurological construction that we cannot see, we think of it as an abstract something; a metaphysical power undisturbed by the laws of physical nature. It isn’t. Our intelligence thoughts originate from a complicated network of interconnected cells managing an organ of the neurological system, just as a stomach is an organ of the digestive system. Homo sapiens employ this mental organ to process the values of alternatives and make choices; to reason, estimate, and use common sense. 

Knowledge is dynamic. It grows, nourished by experience, practice and study, into cellular networks of varied size and strength forming memory. It is a mental treasure of experience, facts and ideas, which intelligence can access to form its decisions. We are born with intelligence and acquire knowledge.

Contrary to conventional wisdom intelligence is relatively equal for all examples of our species. As any inherited ability, our power to make choices  varies between individuals as do the variations of vision, walking, talking or loving. Some people can see better than others. They can focus faster, see further or detect smaller objects. But all visually healthy people can see what needs to be seen in spite of slight differences. This can be said of walking as well. Regardless of the length and strength of legs, all Homo sapiens walk. A football player, ballerina or kick-boxer can train their legs to perform with exceptional skill, but they don’t walk better than ordinary citizens. Ditto for hearing, smelling, talking and making babies. The size and shape of the reproductive organs and the techniques of using them have little significance for producing babies. Despite differences of inherited minds, we can all make the necessary choices to navigate the course of life. We all have the ability to know what we need to do, and to learn what we need to know to do what needs to be done.

Our intelligence varies insignificantly in relation to the size of our head, or the acquisition of knowledge. We no more improve our reasoning capabilities by accumulating knowledge than a ballerina improves her walking by developing the ability to spin on her toes. A biologist needs biological knowledge to work with biology. A mechanic needs mechanical knowledge to work with machines. The quality of intelligence cannot be rated by an amount or type of knowledge. If it could, dictionaries would be smarter than Homo sapiens. Knowledge is a tool providing intelligence with a basis for making choices. 

“No amount of intelligence will prevent you from doing stupid things.”
Dartwill Aquila

Conventional wisdom promotes the false belief that academic education demonstrates high intelligence. It doesn’t. PhDs, Professors and other degree-merited individuals and titled experts are employed in prestigious fields of knowledge, but they are not smarter than individuals who have gathered knowledge in unsung fields. Knowing that a specific bone is called a Tibia helps standardize medical communication, but has no more effect on intelligence than knowing that a specific screw is called a Flat Head Self Tapping Screw to guide carpenters.

Folks in the hood house the same neurological intelligence organ in their skulls as snobs on the hill. Small-town plumbers think as sharply as hot-shots in skyscraper offices. Evaluating intelligence based on wealth, education or profession makes as much sense as evaluating it based on religion, race or nationality. An architect has no more improved intelligence by collecting knowledge of architecture than a birdwatcher has by collecting knowledge of birds. 

“Knowledge without humility is a luxury car with weak brakes.”
Dartwill Aquila

Titled academics eagerly equate their prestigious knowledge with intelligence. And, because they belong to the section of society that gets to promote their opinions publicly, they reinforce the myth of their mental superiority upon the less literary-productive majority of citizens. Education-merited individuals typically work at upper levels of the social order. They have the approval of and compensation from the highest authorities, who harvest advantages, legitimacy, obedience, and prestige by decorating themselves with academically educated, supposedly intelligent, experts, advisors, administrators, assistants and servants. The top level of the social order is well served by the faulty belief equating (preferred) knowledge with intelligence. This knowledge = intelligence myth has no support in reality, but is so well established that questioning it is regarded as stupidity generated blasphemy. 

Of course there are smart/sharp/clever people with high academic merits. They, like all groups, whether a team of cheerleaders or staff of university teachers, are distributed along a bell-shaped curve in question of smarts or creativity. The majority are average, some better, some worse, and a few who are particularly plus or minus at each end of the curve.  Some academics are so smart that they avoid poker games with high school dropouts.

“Some of the stupidest people I know have PhDs.”
Leo Buscaglia, PhD

Equating knowledge with intelligence breeds arrogance among the academics and inferiority complexes among those not credited with prestige knowledge. We should keep in mind that knowledge is a variable of accumulated experience and learning stored in memory, and intelligence an inherited mental ability to make choices by accessing memory.

Knowledge of intelligence can liberate our intelligence and enrich our knowledge. 

I’ve made categorical statements so far, but many research projects and literary examples confirm my statements. Most of us have personal experience of stupid experts and smart nobodies. The following three examples—a research project; a personal experience; and a belief among top scientists—should expose the knowledge=intelligence myth.

Research Project
William Labov was a professor of Linguistics at Colombia University when he decided to test a claim by Noam Chomsky that we will never encounter an intellectual task more complex and challenging than learning a language. Therefore, anyone who can speak any language is capable of understanding any thought. That implies an equality of intelligence for all Homo sapiens. Could a high-school dropout think/reason as well as a college graduate? 

In the book The Logic of Nonstandard English, Labov compares the reasoning of Larry, a 15-year-old high school dropout in Harlem, to Charles, a college educated member of the upper middle class. After many weeks of creative tactics together with an experienced social worker, Labov finally cracked Larry’s reluctance to speak to authorities, and could hear what he had to say. He noted that teachers and councilors had judged Larry to be lacking language abilities, and asked himself,
“How could they know? He never talked to them.” 

Not only could Larry handle language, he used quick, sharp and decisive logic served on nonstandard English spiced with curse words. To the question about if there was a god and if he could be Black, Larry explained that there were different opinions about God’s existence, but he could not be Black and allow the hell Blacks were living in.

In contrast, college-educated Charles spoke easily, fluently and confidently. When asked the same question about God as was put to Larry, Charles used three times as many words… and never answered the question.

“If you must hide behind language, big words and long sentence are useful.”
Dartwill Aquila

Personal Experience
I took the opportunity during the summer break at the university to help out on a small commercial gardening business in the little town of Ingels, a four-hour train ride north of Stockholm. I saw Allan in the field before I reached the house. He was about 60, short, somewhat overweight, red-necked and limping because of a clubfoot (“incomplete” as he called it). Not a poster boy for the jet set. When saying goodbye three weeks later, I told Allan, “I’ve learned more from you in three weeks than I have from three years at the university.” 

His smile told me that he didn’t believe me, and I didn’t push it. It might have been a slight exaggeration, but wasn’t far from the truth. Allan had been a tailor, had raised bees and sheep, worked in a lumber yard and farmed. His small business together with his wife demanded a high level of proficiency in accounting and competence as a mechanic, electrician, carpenter and plumber. He spoke of animals with Buddha-like respect; could sculpture a masterful caricature in wood in a matter of minutes; was a patron of folk music; made wine from practically anything containing sugar; and the wreaths he made for funerals from available materials and his flowers were tearfully beautiful. AND, (big and) he spoke with impressive efficiency; no unnecessary words, no hums or ahhs. The point of his explanations were always packaged in a neat context, often decorated with humor.

Allan was one of many outstanding unknowns under the radar of formal education or notoriety. The book All God’s Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw by Theodore Rosengarten, also tells a story about sparkling intelligence never troubled by schooling or literacy.

Idea of Top Scientists
A number of physicists claim that the universe has consciousness or that consciousness exists on a quantum level. This must be classified as cosmic-grade stupidity because the scientific community in general admits to being ignorant of the nature of consciousness. Science does not know what consciousness is, but some scientists believe the universe uses it.

“Intelligence has its limits, but not stupidity.”
Dartwill Aquila

In summary
Intelligence is the natural (DNA-wired) ability to make choices based on knowledge. It is a system of thinking, which is relatively equal for all members of our species. Knowledge is memory formed by experience stimulating the growth of brain cells into networks to anchor our understanding of the conditions confronting us. Knowledge guides our intelligence to choose alternatives in an efficient energy-conserving manner.

Note: The opposite of knowledge is ignorance, which means lack of knowledge. The most knowledgeable individuals possess a few grams of knowledge compared to their tons of ignorance. The majority of biochemists are ignorant of the mechanics of a car. Some have difficulty finding the gas tank. Stupidity, on the other hand, illustrates a faulty use of intelligence, or, as we shall see, a lack of alternatives. People used to believe that the world was flat. They were not stupid but ignorant. Those who believe that the world is flat today demonstrate global stupidity. 

“If stupidity was oil, he would have been invaded long ago.”
Dartwill Aquila


To be continued…  and altered, based on your comments.

This posting is a selection from the book, Sapiens Last Battle, by Joel Bentarz.



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

August 19, 2022 / Fantelius

Dartwill Aquila * 7 + 1


“The elected heads of state in the corporate world
 are the chief crisis actors
defending the prevailing order.


“A feminist in high heels
is like a vampire wearing a cross.”


“People who speak of American democracy
confess to being politically illiterate.”


“According to conventional wisdom
supplied by the conventional Media
people are misinformation-spreading liars
whereas politicians and their polished experts
are truth-tellers.”


“Just as bribery can be made respectable
wearing a robe of legal lobbying
billions of taxpayer dollars
can be handed to the weapons industries
in packages labelled aid.”


“The big news of the day
is normally a distraction
hiding important news.”


“The Truth welcomes questions with hospitality.
A Lie regards questions as enemies.



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

August 8, 2022 / Fantelius

Fake Freedom


Fake news, fake views, fake truths, real blues.

The world is fake. Not really, not the real world, but our perception of the money-oriented world. We think that Homo sapiens’ society is for Homo sapiens. It should be, but it is not. And we know it, but the truth is too painful to admit. So we wander and whine in obedient alienation.

The governance of the world is oriented toward the accumulation of possessions. That which is profitable is promoted. If not, it is neglected. We know that. We know that a money-oriented system drives the machinery of society. Obviously, we are not geared to a people-oriented way of life. The health care system, for example, is doing very well. The health of the citizens can’t claim the same. Iatrogenic disease (= illness caused by medical treatment) is the third most common cause of death in the USA, and medical treatment is the first cause of personal bankruptcies. At least a third of the population is burdened with obese bodies, each of which is waddling toward the open jaws of the health care system.

“The nation that can’t provide for the health of its citizens is sick.
The nation that sickens its citizens is diseased.”
Dartwill Aquila

99% of the US government consists of individuals in the top 1% income bracket, who are legally lobby-bribed to manage the flow of money from the great majority of the people into the fat vaults of a tiny minority. An army of professional informers sing about this to the tune of “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” as though this transfer of wealth occurs by some mysterious law of nature. 

>> Advertisement <<<
The government has been bought for you by Pfizer

Everyone of us has many examples to illustrate how “Money talks. Bullshit walks.” Until recently, the de facto rulers could afford freedom of speech for the citizens. Now that the rust, cracks and leaks in the prevailing order have become all too costly to repair or hide, freedom of speech has become too expensive to maintain. Censorship disguised in fake names unceremoniously gags mouths and denies channels of communication. Disinformation; hate speech; improper references; policy rules; whatthefuckever… The fake names all accomplish the same results. Censorship. Free speech is confined to saying what is allowed to be said. That is to say, speech is no longer free. Freedom becomes a synonym for obedience. Everyone is free to praise the democratic robe on naked tyranny.

Once they start censoring words,
they will not stop until only two words remain.
“Yes, master.”
Dartwill Aquila

According to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (with my bold):

“…human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech /—/ the highest aspiration of the common people. /—/ Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media.”

The UN Declaration is as clear as a smile of love and contains no exceptions to the right of everyone “to hold opinions without interferencethrough any media.” 

Today corporations have the right to decide who gets to say what. Judging by their decisions, individuals spread disinformation, never the government. People are liars. Politicians tell the truth. You are free to believe what the authorities tell you. If you believe that fake freedom of speech is democracy, you should be very grateful that stupidity is not a crime.


“Hate can fossilize fate.
Understanding can liberate.
Hate hate!”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

July 18, 2022 / Fantelius

Voting for Virgin Grandmothers


Let’s give the masters a standing ovation. They’ve convinced the citizens that the government is a democratic institution running a capitalist society. Democratic capitalism! That is an oxymoron on the level of virgin grandmothers. A nation can be democratic or capitalistic. It can’t be both. Democracy means rule of the people, at least the majority. At least! It doesn’t mean voting for a selection of the most successful resource and money accumulators. It doesn’t mean giving tax breaks to a tiny minority paid for by cutting services for the great majority. Which happens regularly regardless of the color of the masters’ elected servants.

We can either live in a money-oriented, capitalistic society, where a few (less than 1%) decide the laws, rules, regulations and policies for the nation, or in a people-oriented, communal society, where the will of the majority (more than 50%) form the national decisions.

What is capitalism? It is  an economic system where the resources, institutions, utilities and services of a community or nation are owned by individuals, not by the community itself. It is a money-oriented society as opposed to a people-oriented one.

The masters claim that private ownership of businesses is a form of capitalism. It is not. More than 50% of all businesses are owned by a single person. These drivers, dentists, artists, cafe owners, painters, musicians, gardeners, mechanics and 100s of other single owners of small businesses are not capitalists.

The masters also claim that community run enterprises are inefficient, monopolies or…
(sinister background music) socialism, or even… (more dramatic sinister background music) communism. In other words, a hospital owned by a handful of profit-driven stockholders = good. A hospital owned by the community for the sake of the health of the community = bad. Ditto for schools, medicine, transportation, banking, etc.

“The world’s richest 1% have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people.”
Oxfam International, 2021

Virgin Grandmothers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains of innocent.


“The governors of greed are all agreed
that making the rich richer is what we all need.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

June 14, 2022 / Fantelius

The Birch and the Pine

The Birch and the Pine

You are so different.

You, light Birch. You, dark Pine

How differently you dress to nature’s demands.

You, evergreen Pine.  You, sommar green, fall yellow Birch.

How differently you thank necessity.

You form yourself to a symphony, Birch. You, Pine, to a drama.

How differently you praise the sun.

You, Pine, send your pointed needles right out in exhilaration.

You, Birch, bend your branches  and bow all your soft leaves in reverence.

You are completely different, completely independent

and totally equal.

You share the same warmth and cold, the same water and wind.

You embrace each other’s roots in the same earth.

You, tough Pine. You, solid Birch.

Two lungs that purify the air.

Two dancers to the rhythm of the wind.

Two hands holding the earth in place.

Two pillars holding up heaven.

You, beautiful Birch. You, magnificent Pine.

You’re so much alike.


“Love flourishes in the community, but wilts in the market.”


“The rich get richer and the poor grow poorer,
as the explanations grow greater
to cover greed and the truth of the coroner.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

June 6, 2022 / Fantelius

Ugly Truth in Black & Gold


In 2021 the 28 largest oil and gas companies together raked in $183.9bn in profits. I can’t imagine that much money, but it doesn’t seem to have been enough for the globalists at the receiving end. In the first 4 months of this years they’ve already “made” $93.3bn in profit, an average increase of 127%.

Why is so much black gold (oil fueled profits) pouring into the great pool of wealth of corporate executives? The media points to the war in Ukraine, inflation, Corona, the crisis, or anything else except the obvious. The Guardian (May 13, 2022), for example, quotes Shell’s chief, Ben Van Beurden, explaining that the company’s performance “has been helped by the macro and the macro has been impacted by the war in Ukraine”. So now we know. It’s the macro’s fault.

The same Guardian article informs us that “the oil companies contend that they do not themselves set the global price of oil”.  The journalist doesn’t ask what does determine the price. It’s our guess. The Holy Ghost? The Macro? The Grandmothers for Higher Oil Prices? The Media in general seems to follow the script, “Say whatever however but do not deal with the obvious!”

Obviously, the oil bosses are taking our money. We are paying more and more. They get more and more. A few thousand people (who happen to be obnoxiously wealthy) become even wealthier, while a few 100 million people get poorer and poorer. No degree in economics is required to understand that the money flows from millions of ordinary and struggling citizens to a tiny group of oligarchs.

Once we allow this undeniable process to become an obvious reality, we open the door to an even greater and much uglier truth. There is no democracy. We, the people, do not want to give our money to a tiny group of giga-wealthy corporate commanders. A tiny minority dictating the conditions for a great majority is plutocracy, tyranny, dictatorship, organized crime, whatever. It is nowhere near a democracy.

We see how oil can be turned into gold. Oil can also be turned into plastic strips that function as handcuffs.


*Champaign for the few, crumbs for the many.
Was that really the plan?”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

May 28, 2022 / Fantelius

D(eath & Deception)-Day

The picture above shows the cover of a Swedish magazine with content supplied by a PsyOps unit in the heartland of the North-Atlantic Empire. The same picture and similar text can be found on magazine racks in airports, bus stations, small shops and kiosks in countries throughout the empire and beyond. This is one of THE stories of the moment, Remember the Good Guys!

We have no reason to doubt that the 10.000 young men who contributed their blood and lives to turn the waters red off the coast of France were good people. They were sacrificed, however, for a less-than-honorable cause.

The subtext at the bottom of the page reads, “History’s greatest land invasion was the death blow for Nazi Germany.” That is as fake as the picture of the soldier model staring over our heads on the cover. There were no bright-colored flags on the uniforms at Omaha Beach, and a greenery-decorated helmet would have been ridiculous camouflage when crawling on sand. The wedding ring is a cute touch, but hardly representative for the great majority of the boys whose lives were terminated with angry steel before ever knowing the joys of passionate love.

D-Day was not a “death blow” for Nazi Germany. Only 11 months remained of the war, and the German military machine was already fatally damaged. The Russians had destroyed the German 6th Army at Stalingrad killing or capturing 300.000 soldiers. The Russians then proceeded to demolish the other enemy armies on their soil and were about to enter Germany itself when the “good guys” were getting their first boots on the ground in the finale of the war.

Operation Overlord was designed to establish a beachhead as quickly as possible. If that meant sacrificing 1000s of young men, so be it. The operation was not intended to defeat Germany, which had as little chance of avoiding unconditional surrender at this point as a one-legged kick-boxer has of avoiding getting his ass kicked. The overlords of the empire were desperate to get to Berlin before the Russians. Another few weeks of pounding the German positions from the air and the battleship cannons, and then sending the troops ashore at night behind tanks or even metal shields on wheels would have cut losses to a minimum. But that, as with other possible tactics, would take time. Therefore the overlords bravely sacrificed a calculated number soldiers to run unprotected out of landing boats to slowly wade in thigh-deep water through a storm of machine gun bullets. None of the 100s of paratroopers reached the ground alive. As expected. They were meant to draw fire away from the troops rushing the beaches. Which they did with nominal, but deadly, effect. But hey, an overlord has to do what an overlord has to do.

This need for speed, massive military resources, and sacrifices to co-opt the victory that was being won by the Europeans in general and the Russians in particular was playing out with the same strategy, but different tactics, in the war in the East. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army had smashed the bulk of the Imperial Japanese Army on mainland China as the Russians had done with the German army in Russia. In order to prevent the Chinese from dictating the conditions of surrender, the overlords dropped Atom bombs on two Japanese cities. The justification of these bombings continue to instigate debate, while two additional, and significant, events rarely see the light.  The fire bombing of major cities, Tokyo included, had killed more people than would die in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The A-bombs were more a spectacular show than a military necessity. The other significant event, occurring after the A-bombs, is not so much a smoking gun as it is an exploding bomb highlighting the character of the “good guys”. Between Aug. 15, when Japan declared surrender, and two weeks later on Sept. 2 when the surrender was formally signed, the American Air Force conducted the largest air raid in history. In a single operation, one thousand planes bombed the cities and harbors along the entire eastern coast of Japan. How many children, mommies, lovers and grandparents were ripped, burned and crushed to death in this slaughter? I have no idea. I do know that every one of the victims were involved in celebrating the peace that had finally come to their land.*

* (Noam Chomsky supplies more details about this air raid in his book, American Power and the New Mandarins. “the new mandarins (the moneyed aristocracy/oligarchs) are dangerously arrogant, aggressive and incapable of adjusting to failure”.)

** After note: “Love your neighbor” is not an encouragement for sexual engagement, but a holy commandment to unite with those around you. Whether you are a bible fundamentalist, a devout atheist, or anything in between, you had better get together in common struggle to stop the overlords who are capable of slaughtering 100s of 1000s innocent people, but “incapable of adjusting to failure”. Or … A. BOOOOM!


“We either get together in love to defeat the lords of war,

or march toward oblivion as the obedient servants of hate.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.