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August 27, 2012 / Fantelius

Ignorance around Knowledge

Against the grey sky

He wears his academic title like a medal, or a crown, pretending not to notice the tons of ignorance surrounding his few grams of exclusive knowledge. In his ignorance, he eagerly embraces the myth that knowledge is intelligence. It’s not. He’s not smart enough or honest enough to admit this. Knowledge is a collection of facts that function as tools to deal with specific situations. Intelligence is something else, but you can expect him and his colleagues to deny this vigorously.

He also assumes, in his arrogance, that his title includes a stamp of good character. It doesn’t, another myth without justification. History is littered with evil creatures equipped with jeweled merits.

He assumes himself to be among the leading minds of the times but takes no responsibility for what is happening and is engaged in no activities to improve things. How smart is that?

For proof of the limitations of his knowledge, ask him to suggest solutions to the problems plaguing us. You’ll probably hear the echo of his daily newspaper. Unlike citizens of the streets and bold bloggers, he exhibits no originality (intelligence).

There are of course knowledgeable people, with or without titles, who own considerable intelligence—and character. That doesn’t diminish the fact that many people with prestigious titles of knowledge lack smarts and act like a sphincter ani externus*.

* (That’s Latin for what the rest call an asshole.)

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  1. Bernt Malmkvist / Sep 2 2012 8:50 am

    Let’s cheer the streetsmarts!

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