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August 31, 2012 / Fantelius

Blue Moon & A Dew Jewel Journey

(As there’s a blue moon today, I offer a poem that concludes my upcoming book, System Humanity, the story of humanity from the dancing ape to the break-dancing citizen.)

Life’s Journey

Come, citizens!

Take your place beside me at the controls of our common soul! Let us steer through simple days gathering treasures for the wealth of our community.

We’ll present ourselves to full moons dressed in formal black studded with time cut stars and receive secrets too pure to be disbelieved.

We’ll enter the courts of majestic oceans, kneel on carpets of sand and accept rewards of ancient scents offered by salted air.

We’ll visit noble trees in forest camps, listen to their tales of the wind spoken in the language of leaves and learn the wisdom of their roots.

We’ll capture rainbows, win pearls of dew, and find moments of silence dripping with the balsam of peace.

Come, citizens, take your place beside me! Let us gather riches that have no price on a journey that has no end!

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