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September 5, 2012 / Fantelius

Moral Roots

The root stops at nothing to nourish the life of the plant. It goes down, in, around, over, through, by and under any obstacle to get at nourishment so that the plant may thrive. It twists, turns and clings to the earth so that the plant will stand firm in any storm.

The root knows the earth intimately, its chemistry, its moisture, its minerals, its micro organisms and its warmth. It steadily gathers this knowledge to serve the plant. It cares not for how it looks. The blows it encounters are taken in stride. It’s flexible, firm, tough and relentless in its determination to serve life and give the plant what it needs.

The next time you walk over or step on a root ask yourself,
”How do I serve life and the plant of humanity?”

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