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September 13, 2012 / Fantelius

Truth, God, Sex & Red Leaves

”There are no absolute truths,” he said.
”Is that absolutely true?” I asked.
”Are you trying to confuse me?”
”No, I’m trying to find out if you believe that everything is relative.”
”I do.”
”And that it’s absolutely true that everything is relative?”

He smiled and said, ”You’re a smart woman.”
”Do you believe God likes sex?” I asked.
”What kind of question is that?”
”A theoretical theological question. What difference does it make? Does he or doesn’t he?”
”You can’t ask a question like that.”
”Is there a law against it?” I asked.
”No, but it’s inappropriate.”
”My thoughts are inappropriate?”
”What made you think of that question?”
”I saw a single row of red leaves among rows of yellow leaves and thought about God and sex. I don’t know why.”
”I can’t answer your question,” he claimed, ”Besides, you don’t believe in God.”
”I don’t believe in your God that’s why I’d like to know if you believe he likes sex. It can’t influence him what you believe.”
”I think you are trying to trick me.”
”I think I’m trying to find out if you believe God likes sex.”
”I don’t know and I’m not going to answer that question.”
”Well, I certainly like sex.”
”Does that mean that you want to have sex?” he asked after some hesitation.
”Yes,” I replied. ”but not with you. I like men with hard answers.”

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