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September 30, 2012 / Fantelius

Fools, Nonsense & Confusion

Great fools are characterized by their fear of acting foolishly.

Original picture, a damaged door frame caused by the pressure of a chinning bar.

In an unknown universe, a wise old horse contemplates the invasion of foolishness. Each little fool imagines it will become important. Some struggle to become famous for their humility. Some believe themselves to belong to an elite breed of fools and claim they would excel in foolishness if they weren’t surrounded by so many incompetent fools that hold them back. Nearly every fool is convinced that they are a better fool than the rest.

The horse waits. She knows that they will soon choke their universe and she will be transformed into a blind butterfly with a sensitive nose. Before long the scent of pure nonsense will tell her which way to fly.

She will flutter between universes until she arrives to a universe of sacred nonsense. Here she will be transformed into a perfect fool, the only one in her universe. Confusion will whirl angrily about her. The confusion will confuse her and the anger will anger her, but she’ll never suspect her foolishness to be the cause.

”It’s all nonsense,” she’ll say foolishly and thereby increase the confusion and anger in the universe of sacred nonsense.


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  1. Lisa / Oct 1 2012 10:34 am

    Fantasieggande foto!

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