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October 28, 2012 / Fantelius

Helpless Heroes

Sculpture by Gunilla Tyrberg, Motala, Sweden

It’s easy to feel helpless,
to be stuck in green dreams in a cell of grey reality.
Even if we are willing to give support no one wants it if we expose our impotence.
Theoretically, we can go far. Practically, we can’t even stand while crossed with doubts.
Our heads are in the right place but here’s no bottom to us.

Perhaps if we got off our pedestals and stopped looking down on everything,
we’d find ourselves surrounded by millions of people who feel helpless but who are eager to give support.
Perhaps we’d feel the strength of standing shoulder to shoulder.
We could lift our heads and become the heroes of our dreams together with all the other heroes shedding their helplessness to become a part of a reality
that exceeds our fantasies.


(Tomorrow: Circuses & Clowns)

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