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November 5, 2012 / Fantelius

Voting for CAMO

CAMO stands for the Corporate And Military Oligarchy
(What used to be the Military Industrial Complex, aka the 1%).

Voting denies that CAMO runs the country.
Voting promotes the childish belief that one of the two groups competing to be the main servants of CAMO can influence their masters.
Voting says it’s alright to bail-out banksters and throw out homeowners.
Voting pretends that a tiny giga-rich minority isn’t growing ever richer while the overwhelming majority grows poorer and poorer.
Voting equates pulling a lever once every four years with the will of the people.
Voting divides the people and allows CAMO to maintain its rule.
Voting excuses the rape of the constitution, accepts shattering international law and forgives the mutilation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Voting approves the continuation of drone-murdering mothers and children.
Voting ….
Ohh, go ahead and vote. Maybe CAMO will give you a bone. But don’t count on it. CAMO takes, it doesn’t give. More than likely they’ll try take the last bone you have.


(Tomorrow: Nature’s Deal Humanity Can’t Refuse)

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