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November 16, 2012 / Fantelius

Miguel, The Photographer


“A camera is a technological eye. A biological mind does the seeing.”
Dartwill Aquila

This is one of my favorite pictures of Miguel because of the light streaming out of his head. He was always ”chasing the light.”

We worked together for several years and I learned a great deal from this poet-with-a-camera from Chile. This other two pictures are Miguel’s.

During our last exhibition together—of and in the Cathedral of Linköping—we displayed 20 pictures each, but gave no indication of who had taken which pictures. It was our exhibition.

At the vernissage surrounded by friends and visitors, someone asked, ”Which of the pictures are yours?”

Knowing that Miguel could hear me a couple of feet away, I answered jokingly, ”Mine are the beautiful ones.”

All eyes turned to Miguel. He smiled and said, ”That’s true. Mine are the interesting ones.”

Miguel doesn’t know that I’ve posted these pictures. Why don’t you write and surprise him: Miguel Muñoz Rubilar


(Tomorrow: Life’s Stuff)

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