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November 22, 2012 / Fantelius

More Truth About Love

Are we worthy of love?
Do we believe that love will fill all our needs and solve all our problems?
Do we buy into the songs suggesting that love changes but we remain ”just the way we are”?
How deep have fairy tales buried their seeds of happily ever after?

Love unites.
Are we prepared to adjust to promote the fit?
Or do we expect someone to adjust to fit into ”just the way we are”?

How much are we willing to give of the self to get what unity has to offer?

Love unites.
People change.
The two people who unite today are not the same two people in a year or so. Neither of them are just the way they were.
Either we grow together—for grow we must—or we grow apart.

Once love unites it’s up to us to get it to stick around and keep us together.

At times, regardless of our efforts or qualities, it doesn’t work out. It takes two to get together, but only one to split.
At times it works happily—and battlingly—ever after.
Particularly when we face the truth about love.


“Yes, dear” has saved more marriages than “I love you”.
Dartwill Aquila


(Tomorrow: Even More Truth About Love)

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