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January 13, 2013 / Fantelius



… yesterday’s out-of-fashion theme continues.

Becca is a funny lady with a popular daily blog: Lady or Not…Here I Come. On Monday she wrote about old sweaters and the difficulty guys will have finding a date while wearing one. (See – Jan 7, 2013)

She is undoubtedly right, but her solution is wrong. She advises men to burn their old sweaters. I believe she’d do more to promote the union of the sexes by advising women to burn their fashion-warped perspective. With her sense of humor she could do a great job of this.

A guy wearing an old sweater—that he likes and feels comfortable in—is signaling that he’s dependable and self-confident. He’s not a pawn in the fashion game. The women who delete such a man from their possibility list, will one day be surprised when their men no longer find them fashionable and prefer ”newer” models.

That’s your choice ladies. If you want a man that follows the latest trends, you’re going to get one. And he will one day see you as untrendy.

Surely you’re not afraid of competing with a sweater? Most men will be more than happy to discard the comfort of a sweater for the comfort of a woman.

The correlation between the growth of the fashion industry and the growth of divorces (and loneliness) is not a coincidence. We are constantly being told to judge each other by our style. No brand of perfume is going to put a nice smell on that bullshit. It’s embarrassing to have to say this, but, when choosing between clothes and character, go with character.

Burn baby burn your unsustainable fashion-warped perspective.



“Not only do we need fashionable clothes,
we now need fashionable body parts;
at least those of us who have the latest fashioned minds.”
Dartwill Aquila


(Tomorrow: The Power of Perspective)

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