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January 25, 2013 / Fantelius

Lasloy, the Spirit of Trees, Speaks


Grab your fear by the throat.
Squeeze it!
Demand to know its source.

Fear bubbles from a well of doubt.
You should doubt.
Drink from the well!
Let the doubt quench your thirst for knowledge.

Now look beyond your fear.
It’s a diversion to keep you from the truth within you.
The truth you know.
The truth you’ve always known.
The truth we’ve all always known.

There is only One. One for everyone.
One beyond our nation, our race, our sex, our group…
One beyond the realm of the flesh,
beyond the control of mortals.

We are part of the One and the One includes everyone.

I can only tell you, but you must hear beyond me.
Embrace the One’s embrace.
Join together beyond your nation,
your race, your sex, your group…
and strengthen the body of the One.
Feel its power.
Fear no more.



“Many names try to capture the force with no name,
the force that unites us in love of life
and pride in the human family.”
Dartwill Aquila



(Tomorrow: She, the Unarmed Warrior)

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