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February 9, 2013 / Fantelius

Shock Doctrining Honeyland


Where the Chinese have table tennis, the Russians chess and Argentinians tango, Slovenians have honey. There’s one bee keeper for every 250 citizens. Every hive has a unique picture on it. Above you see two folk lore themes, but all forms of art are represented. The pictures make it easy for the bees to find their hive. (See Slovenian Bee hives)

Such a honey culture breeds sweet people, but the people are angry as bees at the moment. Until rather recently they had one of the highest standards of living in Eastern Europe. They are now experiencing Shock Doctrine (Look it up!) and are in an uproar.

You probably won’t see this in your newspaper or hear about it on TV. Two million sweet people being economically raped isn’t news. If you do read about it (in news channels owned by the rapists), it will seem like the rape is necessary so that banksters can help the people.

In 1882 the first commercial electrical power plant opened in New York City throwing the switch on the electrical age. That was 130 years ago. Look around you. What can you see that isn’t run by or made with electricity?

In 1889 Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin were born 4 days apart.



“Honey is natural, smooth, golden and sweet, honey,
the opposite of money.”
Dartwill Aquila


(Tomorrow: Fences and Frost)

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