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February 21, 2013 / Fantelius

The Frozen Heart


The frozen heart
bleeding cold white passion
claims morality
in the heritage of its form.

Be careful not to step on it.
It breaks easily
to swallow you into icy darkness.



“A frozen heart can be cracked with a blow
or melted with warmth.”
Dartwill Aquila


(Tomorrow: The Frozen Cross)


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  1. Fantelius / Feb 21 2013 6:33 am

    True. Some damage can be permanent. Some. For most, there comes a time when we can refuse to be a victim and bury the pain. Rest in peace.

  2. Ashmoto / Feb 21 2013 5:29 am

    Heartbreak. One of the most painful feeling in life.

    • Fantelius / Feb 21 2013 5:54 am

      Yes, but let’s not forget the heart’s power to heal.

      • Ashmoto / Feb 21 2013 6:00 am


      • Ashmoto / Feb 21 2013 6:10 am

        But no matter what the pain of the heartbreaks will still exist because although the heart healed, it left a permanent scar visible to all.

        • Fantelius / Feb 21 2013 6:13 am

          The scar isn’t visible unless you show it.

          • Ashmoto / Feb 21 2013 6:25 am

            Many people don’t realize those scars are sometimes written within their eyes; a smile won’t diminish what we see beyond those ocean eyes.

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