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February 27, 2013 / Fantelius

The Petrogynporno* Orgasm

Scientists at the Shandong-Lanxiang Polytechnical Institute in China have developed a nanoprionspin microscope that can render emotions in graphic form. By measuring the energy difference in the vibrations between metalic and non-metalic atoms the microscope can trace a pattern of feelings.

The picture above has no physical equivalent, according to Professor Li Siqun, but expresses emotional experience during a female orgasm as recorded in the brain through carbon nanotube (CNT) sensors. She stresses that the actual emotion is not as symmetrical as the graphic representation indicates. The rendition captures two points in a dynamic process with a 16 nanosecond interval. What looks like a mirrored image to the naked eye contains significant difference on a 64 bit resolution level. These differences can be measured and analyzed to determine the strength and harmony of the emotion.

Professor Li explains that they are forced to work with strong emotions at this point, but intend to refine the process to deal with more subtle emotions. Eventually, this technique will allow a psychological analysis of a patient in minutes instead of the weeks and months required for traditional psychoanalytical methods.

This technique can also be used to test the emotional compatibility of two individuals. The research team is divided over this possibility. Some claim it will kill love while others say it will match true love and ensure that it ripens.

I don’t know about the ability of this technology, but when it comes to love, I prefer the old-fashioned kiss-testing method. Call me conservative.

* Petro = mineral; gyn = female; porno = sexual graphics



“I love my high-tech gadgets.
None of them get jealous when I play with one of the others.”
Dartwill Aquila

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