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April 2, 2013 / Fantelius

Twisty, the Foolish Thinker

We can see how Twisty is turning a problem around in her mind. She’s imagining it from a familiar perspective.

What, she asks herself, would I do if a gang of heavily armed men circled my house practicing using their powerful weapons against my family?

Why is she thinking so foolishly? Why doesn’t she simply accept the analysis of the PR-pros working for the heavily armed men. They don’t tell her what to do, but state emphatically that if she says that she will defend herself and retaliate against any attacks by the heavily armed men, she would be acting like a crazed beast.

But Twisty insists on wasting her time thinking for herself. There’s simply no reasoning with her foolishness.

Note to those who are not foolish thinkers: This is satire. The USA practiced flying their B-52 and B-2 (Stealth-)bombers around North Korea’s territory. When North Korea threatened retaliation against any eventual strikes, the Western media declared NK to be a dictatorial monster.

B-2 sleath bomber

B-2 stealth bomber



“‘What if?’ opens the door of creativity.”
Dartwill Aquila

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