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April 10, 2013 / Fantelius

My Problem with Humanity

It is illegal to appear in public without technology.

It is illegal to appear in public without technology.

System Humanity is an explanation of how we have evolved from primates in an extraordinary manner to become part of a new system that has never before been seen on the earth.It explains the nature of humanity.

This is the first new theory of humanity since Darwin. I challenge you to find fault with it or to show a better explanation. In academic terms, I present my theory for peer review. As I am a PhA (philosopher autodidact) my peers are anyone with common sense and the courage to think for themselves.

Unfortunately, many people are not interested in humanity and all too few think for themselves.

If you are interested in humanity and trust your natural intelligence, go to BenTarZ
and buy System Humanity.
(You can download the first 21 pages free.)
If you can show that this concept of humanity doesn’t hold true or can refer to a better analysis of humanity, I’ll return your money and you may keep the book.
If you think it’s a valid theory, I’ll send you the extended .pdf text version free upon request.
(You can download the first 2+ chapters free in any case.)

Whatever you think of the book, you will probably appreciate the photos and enjoy the humor.



“A well-dressed truth surprises when naked.”
Dartwill Aquila

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