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April 14, 2013 / Fantelius

Simple Magic and Tiny Science

People believe in the strangest things. Some look for miracles while miracles pop up like weeds around us. Take psychokinesis (aka telekinesis) for example, moving physical objects with the power of the mind. Despite years of experiments no conclusive results can be shown. Yet anyone can, and everyone does, move physical objects with their minds all the time.

Example: My mind says that it would be nice to move Julia’s body next to mine. I call Julia and ask her to meet me at the Miracle Cafe in an hour. Violá!

Is that not a miracle? Any two people no matter where they are in the world can speak to each other and agree to meet at a specific time at a specific place anywhere in the world. Citizen A in Guangzhou, China can agree to meet citizen B from Valparaiso, Chile in front of the City Hall in Saint Prex, Switzerland at a specific time of a specific day. If that’s not a miracle, a frog’s ass isn’t waterproof.

We perform many such miracles regularly without reflecting about how miraculous they are. And we’ve barely started the production of miracles. With nano-technology (engineering on an atomic scale) wonders await us that we can’t even imagine today.

All this is possible because System Humanity itself is a miracle.



“Looking for a miracle?
Explain to me what part of life isn’t a miracle.”
Dartwill Aquila

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