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May 9, 2013 / Fantelius

A Cuppla New Words

CUPPLA = couple of.
Although a couple formerly means two it is often employed as a synonm for a few.
”How long are you going to be gone?”
”Cuppla days.” (between 2-5 days)

The shocking effects caused by lack of resourcess: food, water, oil, buxite or any other resource vital to the global market.

Continued consumption in combination with climate change will, according to many, throw us into a world of conflicts started by resource shocks. Others claim that we are already there. The conflicts flaming in today’s world are RESOURCE WARS. That’s an older term than resource shocks. It needs no explanation.

This term is formed combining HAZardous and MATerial. We can even speak of HAZMAT teams; people called in to deal with accidents involving hazmat.

Speaking of hazmat and recalling the post about fracking a cuppla days ago:
”People who live in fracking areas have been warned to open their windows when showering to avoid being asphyxiated (suffocated) because of the methane in the water.” Paul Craig Roberts



“Perfumed words can’t hide a stinking reality.”
Dartwill Aquila

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