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June 10, 2013 / Fantelius

Dark Deeds Behind the Black Ops

If war were a matter of weapons the USA could defeat most countries in a matter of hours. 12 years and counting in Afghanistan exposes the limitations of weapons.

infiltrate groups and cause dissention or encourage them to carry out actions that damage their cause.

BLACK AGENTS conduct BLACK OPS (operations),
secret and unofficial projects conducted by official government/military organizations. Black ops can be viewed as the main tactic of modern war strategy. It is the ”weapon” of splitting and causing dissension. A car bomb explodes at an event of the Shoe group. It is blamed on the Socks. Three Socks are killed by a group said to be Shoes. Repeat until the groups are killing each other without the aid of the agents. These types of internal conflicts are absolutely necessary for foreign forces to achieve their conquest and plunder.

is cultural propaganda radiating from films, literature, music, etc. Films and TV for example are filled with admirable, not to mention handsome and beautiful, FBI, CIA, CSI and other agents. In American films Americans are the good guys, they are admirable, the knights and gentlemen of our times. In the real world millions of dead people would tell another story if they could. Their survivors do tell a different story, but it doesn’t reach many ears or eyeballs in the North Atlantic Empire.



“An indoctrinated person doesn’t believe a lie, but lives a lie,
and never ever suspects being indoctrinated.”
Dartwill Aquila

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