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June 14, 2013 / Fantelius

Support Our Propaganda Troops

The slogan ”Support our troops” illustrates how nonsense can capture the passion of millions of people.

Why support the troops? Unthinkingly, it is assumed that the troops protect American lives and liberties. In reality—and its neither secret or controversial—the troops are creating storms of hatred and generating terrorists prepared to offer their lives to harm Americans. The troops—occupying, torturing and killing people far away in poor countries—are threatening rather than protecting US citizens. Should the troops be brought home from the 900 bases throughout the world, the USA would be the safest country in the world. Ever!

By the way, should support include the troops at Guantanamo? How about those engaged in drone attacks killing grandmas and babies? Should the mercenaries be supported as well?

Why this unthinking support for the troops? Why not support the teachers? Or the underpaid service workers? Or the homeless? Not to mention those who have served as troops and are now treated as trash and committing suicide at epidemic rates?

The main question is whose troops are these anyway? Who is meant by ”our” troops. The majority of the American people have voted to end the wars. How can ”our” troops be engaged in wars we don’t want? Are ”our” troops serving the people or the banksters? Who is growing rich on ”our” troops and who is growing poor, going hungry and losing their homes paying for them?

I suspect that troops that belonged to the American people would be marching in another direction.



“Terror is terrible, war even more.”
Dartwill Aquila

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