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July 10, 2013 / Fantelius

The Great Myth

(This is a continuation of the blog Lying with the Truth from 3 days ago.)

All the disinformation that rains down on us flows from a single basic myth: the leadership of society is taking care of things. The situation is under control. It’s a myth. Seen in a historical perspective, we are breaking the speed limits on a highway to hell.

Military spending and weapon sales are going through the roof. Conflicts are spreading everywhere. Surprise! Surprise. 1% of the cost of military spending could feed every hungry child in the world.

Inequality grows larger and ever more vulgar for every minute.

Greenhouse gases are pouring into the atmosphere at a greater rate than ever before with an equivalent increase in the rate of global warming.

I won’t disturb you with addition facts. Just remember today’s picture. We see the soldiers of (dis)information shouting, analyzing and jokingly explaining how the good guys in the background will take care of us. Believe it at your peril!


“Failure to respond to that challenge (global warming) will stall and then reverse international efforts to reduce poverty. The poorest countries and most vulnerable citizens will suffer the earliest and most damaging setbacks, even though they have contributed least to the problem.”
Human Development Report 2007/2008



“The people in control are out of control.”
Dartwill Aquila

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