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July 12, 2013 / Fantelius

Solid Rock Friends and Failed Literature

Carlos Amador, who help generate the success of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, said, ”A friend is someone who criticizes you to your face and praises you behind your back.”

I call such people solid rock friends. They are invaluable. One such friend wrote recently that she didn’t understand my 37 word novel posted on June 17. Such wonderful feedback. My writing is unreadable. If she can’t understand it, I doubt if anyone can. Obviously, I failed. Without her comment, I wouldn’t know.

Here comes the entire novel and an explanation of what I attempted and failed to accomplish:
The novel:

He preferred devils in heels to naked angels and wound up in hell. After falling for a fallen angel he ripened for the bare truth. Together they rescued each other and escaped to the wilds outside paradise.

First of all I plead guilty to insanity. Who in their right mind attempts to write a 37 word novel? A satirist!
The first line says that all too many men choose superficial glitter, glamour and glitz over pure honest content. And wind up in hell, that is to say, a bad relationship. After that he meets a fallen angle, a good woman who’s made some serious mistakes. Together they find basic truths through love, escape from the prevailing norms (that promote superficial glitter, glamour and glitz) and live happily ever after in reality.

In my not-so-right mind, I saw this ”novel” as a satirical summary of many 15 000 word novels enjoying popularity. I failed. But thanks to a solid rock friend, I’m back on my feet and ready for new adventures. Some of which will fail.

Thanks Milojka!



“Success breeds abuses, failure breeds excuses.”
Dartwill Aquila

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  1. Bosse / Jul 12 2013 10:01 am

    Sorry, Milojka! I don’t agree. To me this 37-word novel is poetry. One definition (of mine) of poetry is that there are more than one possibility of interpretation, meaning that you have to engage in a tangle with it. Any which way: thanks! – to both of you – writer and reader!

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