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February 4, 2014 / Fantelius

A Taste of Misinformation Truth

Misinformation washes over us daily. Everywhere. We can’t avoid it. We’re drowning in it.
(If we weren’t so saturated with misinformation I could say that it is killing millions of us and threatening all of us, but I won’t because, although it’s true, our misinformed minds reject such information.)

Let us look at one drop of misinformation truth in the storm beating down on us. One drop.

A fast food chain bold-prints the slogan Taste is King under a seductive picture of a (chicken) nugget burger. Although it is true that Taste is king it is also true (but missing in the misinformation) that Profit is the Queen and Health is a Pawn, an expendable one.

Ads for the chemically laced, industrially produced tasty junk of the fast-food corporations should contain (in bold-print):
Danger! This food will damage your health.
Such information is as relevant as the warning labels on cigarettes. Besides the difficult-to-document ailments arising from the cocktail of chemicals in these ”meals”, many more people suffer and die of obesity related sicknesses than of lung diseases. Obesity, promoted by junk food, has exploded to a worldwide epidemic in a little over one generation.

Remember, the ”Taste is King” slogan is but one drop in a storm of misinformation. If the storm had a name it could be Hurricane Mammon.


“If stupidity were a crime, the production and maintenance of prisons would be our main industry.”
Dartwill Aquila

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