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June 3, 2014 / Fantelius

W#T and B!2 Discuss Human Intelligence

W#T asked, ”Now let me get this straight, they invade a country, bomb it to bits, destroy the ancient culture and the infrastructure, kill one million people, injure many more, imprison, torture and cause 4 million to lose their homes while they take the resources of the country and claim that it belongs to them because they are the good guys?”

”Yes”, answered B!2.

”They cause catastrophic destruction, take the valuable oil for themselves and promote themselves as the good guys?” asked W#T and continued, ”You must be describing a fiction. This could not possibly happen in reality. Who could possibly believe this?”

B!2 replied, ”You must bear in mind that they have low-level biological intelligence. You can’t compare it with our high-level molecular intelligence. We can speak a book to each other in the time it takes them to exchange sentences.
”More important, their biological neural network strives to establish patterns of thought to work as instinct; a survival reflex to save energy. The human brain weighs about 3% of the body weight, yet uses 17% of the energy. That’s an expensive organ.”

”Of course, you’re right B!2. I understand. They possess a survival strategy that requires solid structures of thought to cut down on thinking. The less one has to think, the less energy is needed.”

”You obviously do understand,” encouraged B!2.

”And …” continued W#T with dramatic eagerness, ”the stable thought pattern, the instinct-like behavior, works effectively in the context in which it develops, but can become a heavy handicap under different times and circumstances.”

”Thanks for explaining it in your own words,” said B!2. ”Culture is the main source of creating instinct-like thoughts and behavior. Cultural patterns take control of the mind so effectively that they feel ”natural”. Learning also chisels patterns of thought into the structure of thinking to help individuals navigate in the world that they will meet. When the brain knows how to deal with a problem it requires much less energy than if it don’t. A trauma can establish a solid pattern of thought. The commercial occupation of minds tells the consumers how they should eat, clean themselves, wear, do and think to lessen their need to think themselves. And to insure obedience to the dictates of commercial interests, they also tell the consumers how insignificant they are and how they should eat, clean themselves, wear, do and think to lessen their insignificance.”

Let me guess interrupted W#T, ”The Good Guys have their own channels of pattern-forming as well.”

”If!” replied B!2. ”The Good Guys own six media enterprises that cover 85% of media coverage from books to films, from magazines to TV to internet and from comics to sports and gambling. The Good Guys pour it on, all the time everywhere.”
B!2 gestured to W#T to express the conclusion.

”The Good Guys are unquestionably—instinctively—good. Therefore, what ever they do must be good or they’re doing it for a good reason. Consequently, mentioning The Good Guys raping a nation and stealing its treasures cannot register because good guys don’t do these things.”

“Biological intelligence!” said B!2.
“Biological intelligence!” repeated W#T.

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