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June 9, 2014 / Fantelius

The Murdered Shopping Cart

DrownShoppingcart5_8945Something is obviously dead here,
but it’s not a suicide or natural death.
A murder has been committed.
What has been murdered?
Moral? Knowledge? Perspective? Responsibility?
A feeling of belonging to a community?
Respect for life?
Who contaminates their own waters?
Why this primitive and Middle-aged behavior?
The cart appears to be shot through with a spear.
Perhaps it was running away
with no consumer goods in its storage space.
It was shot down trying to escape commercialism.
And ended up contaminating the water of life.

CansBottlesBikes5_8950Who contaminates their own waters?
The shopping cart was an unusual victim.
The throw-it-in-the-river mentality
prefers cans, bottles and bikes.
Scenes such as these formed a backdrop
to the Climate Parliament in Norrköping.
The Parliament intends to throw knowledge
into the river of bureaucracy
unknowingly polluting the intellectual atmosphere.

We need some heavy guns now, so I’m turning the words of Elvi Sinervo over to you in the form of one of the world’s greatest poems. Ladies and Gentlemen, the tale of The Poisoner’s Well. ….
To be continued tomorrow.

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