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June 18, 2014 / Fantelius

Official Message about DU-weapons

The American military informs us that no effects of radioactivity from DU-weapons* can be observed among Iraqis.
(Since the USA invasion, cancer, particularly leukemia, has spiked to make Iraq the cancer capital of the world. The amount of babies born deformed exceeds any figures anywhere on earth ever.)

*DU = depleted uranium, from atomic energy waste, is used on missile and bullet tips to extend their penetrating power. Call them micro atomic weapons. The tiny explosions from DU-weapons doesn’t cause mushroom clouds but the dust from this dirty uranium is as deadly as the fallout from the big bombs. Under USA pressure the UN has refused to publish its report about the effects DU-weaponry in Iraq.



“You cause a fear to bring children into the world.
Not even Jesus would forgive what you do.”
Bob Dylan

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