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July 31, 2014 / Fantelius

AIPAC Lobby Myth 2 – Love of Hate

Sarah Lazare writes in Common Dreams (July 28, 2014):
“As the civilian death toll in Gaza continues to climb, the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a symbolic resolution—backed by the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee”

Sarah takes a clear position against Israeli aggression, but why state that the resolution is “backed by the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee”. Of course it’s backed by AIPAC. In fact, we can be rather certain that it was written by AIPAC. So what? Is there any resolution or law put to Congress that isn’t supported (and most likely written) by some lobby group? No! But the lobby group rarely gets mentioned unless it’s the I-lobby and then mentioning it rarely gets neglected.

Why the “powerful” lobby? Powerful compared to what? The military/weapons lobby could eat the I-lobby for a snack, as could the lobbies representing Oil/energy, agriculture, electronics, commercial aviation, and others. AIPAC is even swamped by both the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate lobbies.

Promoting the I-lobby as the force generating American politics hides the real forces generating American politics. Instead of claiming that Israel runs the show, we should ask why those running the show are so locked into supporting Israel? Why is this vicious, racist state regarded as an asset? Why is this “unsinkable battleship”, as it used to be called, so vital to the empire?

Israel as a battleship makes sense when fighting to control a sea of oil. The military metaphor also floats well for the weapons industry that gets more of the $3 billion given to Israel every year than the Israelis. Allocating money as aid sugars the sour pill of military expenditures.

Military, strategic, economic and energy considerations weigh heavily in understanding the Israel game. These considerations were already in place when Israel illegitimately came into existence long before AIPAC appeared. Many of those who embrace the idea that the I-lobby runs America may as well believe that the Zionist-Israeli baby determined its Anglo-American parents.

Britain (with American approval) brokered the Zionists to established Israel. It was, together with the other European powers, severely battered by WWII and socialist sympathies were on a roll. The Soviets had stopped the Nazi advance in Stalingrad and had taken Berlin. The Chinese communists had routed the imperial Japanese forces. The Greek communist partisans had defeated the Nazis by themselves. Local communist/socialist/social democrat groups had established liberated areas throughout Europe and were destined to defeat the Nazis. Solidarity among those who struggled against fascism was vibrant. Panic rippled through the moneyed class. The people were uniting. The establishment of Israel can be viewed as a major front of their counter-attack.

Israel helped dilute a socialist thrust in European politics. Jews were solidly encamped within the socialist and leftist forces after the war. Israel diverted their attention and energy to the “homeland” outside of Europe. Israel was sold not only as a democracy, but also as a socialist experiment. Even gentiles would flock to Israel to work on the kibbutzes and take part in communal living.

Love of Hate
Worst of all, Israel injected religion back into politics. The separation of church and state, religion and politics, was all but complete after the war. Solidarity based on the needs and desires of all people flew everywhere. Kemal Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey, had already summed up this trend in the 1930s when he told religious groups that if they wanted to practice religion they should go to their places of worship. Government practices politics.

The creation of a religious state, Jewish or otherwise, should have set off alarm bells everywhere. The trauma of the war however, with its apocalyptic destruction and 40 million deaths, seems to have short-circuited the alarm system. The people were so damaged by their journey through hell that they even swallowed the claim that Israel was a democracy. How could a government explicitly favoring one of two groups be described as a democracy? That is only possible if the excluded group doesn’t count. And it didn’t, did it?

No, Dorothy, Anglo-America didn’t create Israel because of a concern for people. Power politics lusting for wealth and control decided policy. As usual. The people in charge were well aware of the atrocities against the Palestinian people and kept them hidden under claims of helping the poor Zionists perpetrators who had experienced atrocities.

Great flames of decadence burning in “the holy land” illuminate the classic tactics of divide and conquer. Generate hate and conflict to split the people using religion, nationalism and ethnicity. Israel was perfect for the job.

Note: The USA didn’t win WWII, it co-opted the victory. Europe, riding the tide of Soviet advances, was well on its way to defeating the Nazis. Germany’s surrender was less than a year away when American forces landed in Normandy. In the east, it took two atomic bombs to prevent the Chinese from taking part in the Japanese surrender. The victor (even those who co-opt the victory) writes the history.

Divide and conquer! Promote hate and conflict! This most powerful, cheap and effect weapon can be observed everywhere. Detonate a bomb among the Xs and blame it on the Ys. Equip and encourage some Ys to retaliate against the Xs. The conflict can now grow by itself. It’s so easy that a couple of agents could do on their lunch break. Keep the people fighting among themselves and the powers causing the conflict can count their profits in peace.

The people in control of today’s money-oriented world (the 1%) love hate, which they fuel with religion, nationalism and ethnicity. The I-lobby myth (nudge, nudge and whisper: and the economic power of the Jews) functions as a component of the hate diversion. Let us assume that the Jews rule the USA. So what? What does the religious orientation of the rulers have to do with it? Are they trying to enforce Mosaic law? It’s the politics, dummy. Stick to the politics! That’s how to follow the money.

Would the politics of the North Atlantic Empire be any different without Jews? Of course not. This empire acts the way empires have always acted. Were the Christian Nazis particularly humane due to their Christianity? Was there any significant difference between them and the Japanese Imperial forces? How about the native African slave traders who hunted, killed and captured millions of Africans for almost 300 years to sell to European traders? Should they be absolved because they weren’t racists?

Anything that diverts the people from the political struggle weakens their chance of success. It has been pointed out that 42 of the 535 members of the US Congress have dual American-Israeli citizenship. This is truly a disgrace. Treason, actually! It should be a no-brainer that representatives of a nation should have allegiance to no other nation. Many people refer to this abnormality as an example of the I-lobby and Jew-power. Typically, they seem blind to the over 400 red-blooded, apple-pie eating, church-going Congress officials who allow this travesty of democracy.

Stick to the politics!

Part of the recent blitz of propaganda against the Palestinians claimed that Hamas wants its mothers and children to be killed to gain sympathy. I don’t doubt that Israel authored this idiocy. Does that resolve the journalists, pundits and politicians who repeat it? Anyone stupid enough to swallow such garbage should have their minds circumcised. Those who amplify this murder-excusing lunacy, for any reason, will, hopefully, feel the full weight of their direct complicity in genocide. Pointing to the I-lobby as an excuse for their despicable behavior will echo the commanders of Nazi concentration camps claiming that they were just following orders. Oh, you would lose your job! Tell it to those who saw their loved-ones torn apart by the bombs.

The myth of the AIPAC lobby serves the interests of those who love hate.

Stick to the politics! Divide and conquer is one side of political struggle.
Unite for victory is the other side.


“Don’t ask expensive questions if you can’t afford the answers.”
Dartwill Aquila

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