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August 6, 2014 / Fantelius

White Feather of Zionist Truth

(... contined from yesterday. I hope I got you to listen to Alison Weir. Although I did underestimate the strength of the I-lobby, the three blogs about the AIPAC myth still own validity.)
I dreamed that a white feather of truth fell on the dark waters of Zionist propaganda forcing them to speak in context. They now said:

We have a right to defend ourselves
against any irritating resistance to our campaign of genocide.
We remember our holocaust
and we’ll do things differently.
Hauling people off to extermination centers is logistically complicated,
expensive and politically dangerous.
We’ll simply keep them confined, bomb the shit out of them and cut off their means of survival.
Our powerful friends will cover our backs.
After all, we’re doing it for them.
Today Israel, tomorrow the Middle East.


Suckers in silks, suckers in rags
talk about “we” with a fist on the flag,
chewing on freedom tight as a gag
justice in dollars, truth’s outta the bag
to dance with surprises, to switch the tags.
So watch your back, your step and your wag
and get ready to zig where you used to zag.”
Dartwill Aquila

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