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August 24, 2014 / Fantelius

Bibi’s Bitch


Bibi is Benjamin Netanyahu’s nickname and Caroline Glick (“the most prominent woman in Israel”) is the bitch.

The three main meanings of the word bitch:
1. a female dog
2. an unpleasant (rude and cruel) woman
3. a person who is subservient to another:

The first definition doesn’t apply to Caroline. She’s not a dog and I have no intention of insulting dogs.

The second definition applies but doesn’t go far enough. This woman is evil. Or perhaps it’s sufficient to say she’s politically to the right of Bibi. Any comparisons to her and the infamous Catherine de’ Medici, who slaughtered thousands of Hugeunot Protestants, are fully understandable.

The third definition is problematic. Although she is obviously subservient to Bibi, “bitch” in this context implies sexual obedience. I have no evidence of any sexual liaison between these two, merely suspicions. Caroline’s career took off like a rocket after arriving in Israel from the USA at the age of 22. She was made captain in the army after just 5 years (It took the native born Bibi 7.) and soon after leaving the IDF she became Netanyahu’s assistant foreign policy advisor. I’d be foolish not to suspect a career launched from a mattress. She obviously likes to take Bibi’s words in her mouth, but I have no idea if she admires Monica Lewinsky. I repeat that I haven’t the slightest evidence of any sexual hanky-panky merely suspicions.

Instead of speculating about what goes into Caroline’s mouth, let’s witness what come out. She recently wrote a piece for the Jerusalem Post explaining the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi Alliance. We need nothing more than the opening sentence to understand her perspective:
“Hamas’s war with Israel is not a stand-alone event.”

Hamas war with Israel!

Give the bitch some applause! Israel’s blockade of Gaza; the IDF’s savage storm of murder and destruction against the Palestinians; the Zionist campaign of genocide … Gone! All of it gone, hidden in four words, “Hamas war with Israel”.
And that’s merely her opening number.

The war is, as all know, according to Ms. Glick, “a means of reinstating the (Muslim) Brotherhood to power in that country (Egypt).”

Did you get that? Are you taking notes?
… war with Israel .. not to defend people in Gaza … to aid Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Relax! She’s still warming up. Hamas and the Brotherhood are merely two parts of the jihadist axis, of which IS is the third part. “Hamas is ideologically indistinguishable from Islamic State. Like Islamic State, Hamas has developed mass slaughter and psychological terrorization as the primary tools in its military doctrine”

Am I going to fast for you? … the people being slaughtered = developers of slaughter! … Hamas = IS !!! …

We should have realized by now that Caroline is the great accuser. That’s what she does. Forget facts and reality! Accuse! Truth? Oh, don’t be naive. Say whatever you want. Claim that the mouse is threatening the owl. Demand that the dove clip its wings to show the hawk its peaceful intentions! Whatever.

Mixing Hamas up with the Brotherhood and IS isn’t spicy enough, throw in Iran. “Iran has funded, trained and armed Hamas for the past decade.”

How did they do that? Is there a tunnel going all the way under Iraq, Jordan and Israel? Just how much funding have they received during this period when Israel received $30 000 000 000 (most of it in weapons) from Uncle Sam?

“It (Iran) views Hamas’s war with Israel in the same light as it viewed its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah’s war with Israel eight years ago.” Caroline assumes we don’t know or forgot that Israel invaded Lebanon where they ran up against “Hezbollah’s war”.

If there is still any doubt concerning the moral rot of this woman, try reading this: “The Obama administration’s decision to side with the members of the jihadist axis against Israel by adopting their demand to open Gaza’s borders with Israel and Egypt …”

Obama is siding with the jihadist axis against Israel! Oh, come down to this planet! Not even people with a mouth the size of Bibi’s bitch can swallow that. The gigantic fact that the people and the countries of the world demand an end to the blockade of Gaza can’t be stuffed into a little black hole called the jihadist axis. And besides, the world knows all too well by now that Obama’s words mean nothing.

If you have a strong stomach and nothing breakable within your reach you can read the entire article yourself.

Caroline (Bibi’s bitch) Glick is Israel’s foremost propagandist. She’s even admitted her propaganda bend. When criticized for a video ridiculing the crew of the Mavi Marmara* in a “tasteless and blatantly racist” fashion, she replied, “We’re not trying to be fair and balanced, we’re trying to make a point.”

(* A ship of the Gaza flotilla on which nine of the unarmed humanitarian relief volunteers were murdered by Israeli commandos.)

The point of this article shows in a fair and truthful (OK, OK …, and mildly vulgar) manner the vile nature of the Zionist minds. Compared to Glick, Goebbels wrote greeting card verses. I suspect that the brains of the Israeli Zionists have been genetically modified by Monsanto.

When I remind myself that these people are equipped with atomic bombs, I consider having my own brain lobotomized.




“When they pile their garbage so high that it blocks out the sun
they tell us the stink comes from the ellipse.”
Dartwill Aquila


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  1. Anonymous / Aug 25 2014 10:54 am

    usa…I personally find the article immature. It certainly is also a form of propaganda in poor taste coming from ’emoting’ rather than thinking.

    • Fantelius / Aug 25 2014 11:08 am

      I agree with you. It is immature. But when reading all the “adult”, academic and standard prose in the media with their limp complaints and supperficial analysis, the childish in me throws a tantrum. Thanks for your comment. Care to comment on any of the other 600 or so formal blogs on System Humanity?

  2. don / Aug 25 2014 3:17 am

    Thank you for an excellent site and writing. I am a fan! Don

    • Fantelius / Aug 25 2014 3:22 am

      Thank you. I’ll do my best to keep you in the little group of fans.

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