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September 5, 2014 / Fantelius

Master Mass Murderers’ Master Words

When a phrase or concept dances on the stage of the mainstream media, we can be certain that it’s supposed to be there. Nothing captures the spotlight unless the producers of the show write it into the script.

The recent barbarity of the Israeli bombardment campaign caused the phrase ”disproportionate response” to leap from the mouths of government officials, journalists and pundits in a great mass-media puppet show where defenders and critics of ”disproportionate response” battled it out with proper words, correct grammar and approved style. The pounding of keyboards could be heard far into the night. Disproportionate response improper clashed with disproportionate response adequate on the media battlefield. It was a ferocious affair. Sound and fury, signifying sophisticated propaganda.

The phrase worked as efficiently as a hellfire missile. The truth didn’t have a chance. I might have missed it, but nowhere did I read about the Israeli campaign of mass murder. For that’s what it was. The thousands of dead Palestinians didn’t die of disproportionality, they died of being bombed and shot, in their own homes and neighborhood streets, in hospitals, schools or playing football on the beach. They were murdered.

Let’s not forget the ”response” part of the phrase implying, not too vaguely, that it was the victims fault. The occupiers, the suppressors, were forced to respond to the hostility of the impoverished people in the concentration camp. Kill ’em! Destroy their homes, water suppy, power plants and anything else needed for survival. Mow them down like grass. Kill ’em! …

while a chorus of pompous puppets sing Disproportionate Response!


“A hurricane of propaganda whirls around the rain of bombs.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. Fantelius / Sep 5 2014 6:43 am

    Thanks Muneebhusaini!


  1. Master Mass Murderers’ Master Words | muneebhusaini

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