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September 15, 2014 / Fantelius

The Colored Bricks of Law and Mercy


Different colors. Different shades. Different patterns.
Two different shapes
Together. As one.
A foundation. A wall.
Protection. Security.
Without the organization it’s nothing.
Without the holding force it’s nothing
The holding force. The uniting force.
Call it mortar. Call it God. Call it life. Call it love.
Call it the common soul of humanity.
Call it what you will.
Without the uniting force it’s nothing.
No foundation. No protection. No Security.
We have the uniting force.
We have the law.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The law of human experience.
That’s all we need.
Like the salt of the ocean, the carbon in steel,
we need a drop of mercy.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
is the political bible
of the common people of the world.
It is our most holy document.
Our foundation. Our Unity. Our protection. Our Security.
It is the law!

Those who break the law are criminals.
We don’t demonstrate for criminals.
We don’t vote for criminals.
We don’t negotiate with criminals.
We avoid them
we can bring them to justice.


“Human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief
and freedom from fear and want
has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration
of the common people”
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights





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