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September 19, 2014 / Fantelius

Leaders, Beasts and the Herd

3 weeks have passed since the ceasefire. Here are 3 recent articles revealing 3 truths.

1. Hamiliton shows us clearly that Israel’s persecution of the Palestinians hasn’t stopped for an instant. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. This has been going on for almost 7 decades.
After the Ceasefire by Omar Robert Hamilton

2. This article strengthens my conviction that Israel functions as USA’s foremost military base in the world, a battle station at the port of a sea of oil.
It’s business as usual between the United States and Israel

3. This is a UN report on the damages to Gaza resulting from Israel’s two-month military attack and bombing campaign. Even if you thought the attack was vicious and atrocious, you most likely greatly underestimate the savagery and the extent of the damage and destruction.
GAZA Initial Rapid Assessment

Gaza, Israel, Palestine is the focal point of world events. The focal point shows us that the political leadership of the world is either helpless in preventing naked aggression and genocide or they’re complicit in these crimes against humanity. Looking at the focal point we see merciless beasts posing as leaders.

Tomorrow, a ”great” march is planned in New York City of ”people demanding bold action from our world leaders (merciless beasts)” to do something about global warming. They are referring to the same ”leaders” who have gathered time and again to do something about global warming and have accomplished nothing. The warming gets ever warmer and the factors causing the warming increase at an accelerating pace.

Let’s hope the marchers have a good time. They will accomplish nothing. After the march and after the climate summit and after all the sunshine words in the fog, it will be back to BUSINESS as usual, that is to say, the merciless beasts will be back to hunting profits. Marchers, Palestinians and the common people throughout the world will pay for them.

See Green Denial and an Army of Heroes


“Nature knows the way of life.
It points to a passionate battle.”
Dartwill Aquila




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