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September 24, 2014 / Fantelius

MEBEs in Designer Clothes

Mebe, pronounced mee´bee, stands for MErciless BEast. Mebes are people in leading positions. Common psychopaths belong to a lower species.

Coining a new phrase tends to weaken a serious discussion, but I take the risk because the nature of these beasts remains hidden behind standard expressions such as leader, ruler, chief, president and such. Even negative labels like dictator, tyrant or asshole fails to capture the essence of evil at the hearts of these monsters.

The persecution and annihilation of the Palestinians in general during the past six decades and the Gaza population in particularly at the present time cannot be unknown to people in leading positions, especially those in political positions. The crimes against the Palestinians have been so intensive and extensive that the heaviest words don’t seem to weigh enough. Even genocide resounds with a dull tone considering the ferociousness with which it has been employed against defenseless poor people trapped in a crowded area. These savage crimes as well as the present ”incremental genocide” (= depriving the people of basic necessities including sufficient food and water) go unattended by the mebes, some of which are directly involved in the crimes. They quiver with indignation and rage when a single individual is quickly and practically painlessly put to death with a knife, but barely regret and quickly forget hundreds of children, mothers and old people ripped to shreds by bombs, crushed under their homes and bodily damaged beyond repair. They speak of freedom, justice and democracy the way a pedophile speaks of love.

There’s little we can do about the mebes other than inform as many people as possible about them. We certainly shouldn’t vote for them, appeal to them or try to influence them in any way. And we should absolutely not, under any circumstances, refer to them as ”our” leaders.


“Silence can shout pages.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. camelien / Sep 24 2014 2:24 pm

    When “msm” is owned and run by the complicit Zionist Kleptocracy, how are ‘we the People’ of America ever to know the facts in lieu of propaganda favoring the real terrorists inciting war and violence in the middle east . Rhetorical.

    • Fantelius / Sep 24 2014 2:48 pm

      While the msm in the US is by and large run by ”the complicit Zionist Kleptocracy”, corporate media is the same everywhere regardless of the ethnicity of the board of directors. The Murdoch media empire, for example, primarily in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, differs insignificantly from the Yankee media. The same can be said for the corporate media in South America, Africa, the Arab countries and in The East. The rule of money dominates the flow of information from the heights of the ruling class down to the citizens. Referring to the religious, ethnical or national aspects of the Plutocracy merely complicates understanding.

  2. Fantelius / Sep 24 2014 2:01 pm

    Yes, it’s hard to face and heavy to bear, but it gets much easier when the truth is absorbed.

  3. summitflyer / Sep 24 2014 1:24 pm

    So very well said .I could not agree more.The truth about this kind of criminality must be too hard to face as very few see the horror of this psychopathy.


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