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September 27, 2014 / Fantelius

A Kingdom Ruled by Love


A Saturday rerun from 2012-12-28

There’s a kingdom without kings,
where justice walks in casual clothes,
smiles are as common as faces
and the only thing that disturbs the peace
is calm enthusiasm.

Love rules this kingdom
on the throne of truth
that tells the tale of how it was built
by people who dared to speak with vision
and listen with their hearts.


“Have you told your greatness that you trust her lately?”
Dartwill Aquila






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  1. Fantelius / Sep 27 2014 7:20 pm

    Thanks once again. I’ll write more in the coming week abou a key sentence in today’s poem:
    “people who dared to speak with vision”

  2. camelien / Sep 27 2014 2:20 pm

    -“Have you told your greatness that you trust her lately?”
    Yes, friend; I speak to ‘her’ daily recognizing universal love.

    Always poignant, regardless of time or place your work is read; Thank you for re-sharing your lovely poem. Otherwise, I’d likely have missed your blessed old poesy today. But I do have a good many pages of your previously written words bookmarked to visit and absorb. However, am feeding myself them gradually, Am savoring each as I read and save their essence to memory for future sustenance I know will be necessary to continue inspiring courage and convictions of love & harmony in the coming ‘daze’ along this ongoing journey confronting, overcoming and surviving the great mediocrity portrayed by the ‘uninitiated’ upon the great sea of global uncertainty. But, many blessings daily are willed your way today, “Love rules this kingdom,” too. 😉

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