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September 30, 2014 / Fantelius

Dennis’ Depression of False Isolation

From Dennis M’s blog, Hope For Humans is Dying, 3 days ago. .

Dennis has ”an increasing sense of hopelessness.”
He follows ”the news morning, noon and night and sees little more than growing, worsening chaos. Conflict is everywhere and the Kill And Plunder Brigade (headed by the U.S.) seems to be in the ascendancy.”

”You’d think,” he says, ”that at least one nation in the world would stand up and question why there is no influential peace movement.”

Why are there few serious journalists writing powerful essays which pillory (attack and ridicule) the warmongers and imperialists?”
He ends the blog with a bold text:
Yet, as hope dies, no one seems to notice or care!

I choose to reply to Dennis here rather than comment on his blog because many people have a ”sense of hopelessness.” This feeling is supplied by the ”news morning, noon and night”. We are supposed to feel hopeless. And helpless. As long as we follow the news, the msm, our perpective will be managed by the people generating and controlling the news and we will be fed with our daily dose of hopelessness, anger, frustration and despair.

The nations of the world are run by the corporate elite. Expecting them to ”question why there is no influential peace movement” is like expecting the Mafia to question why the police aren’t more effective. The ”serious” journalists are, like most people, serious about keeping their jobs and they are working for corporations that produce ”the news” to generate profit and defend the prevailing order.

That fact is (and here comes my bold text) Resistance to the warmongers and exploiters is growing everywhere. Everywhere.

In every country of the world people are engaged in struggles for justice, truth and peace. More and more people. Everywhere. But don’t expect to read about it in ”the news morning, noon and night.”
Have you read about the protesting 1000 villagers in Guangdong, China last Friday?
How about the longshore workers who refused to unload a cargo from Israel in Oakland, California on Saturday?
The campaign to defend the people’s lawyer Dr. Ermogenes in Brazil?
The mass demonstrations for women and untouchables in India?
A simultaneous attack on Del Monte’s and Dole’s plantations in the Philippines?

And on and on it goes. Everywhere. More and more people. More and more actions. More and more knowledge.
The information is out there, but not in msm. Get together with some friends. Start a study group. Each person takes responsibility for one area of information. Compare notes. You are not alone.
One last point, ”the Kill And Plunder Brigade (headed by the U.S.)” is not in ascendancy. If it were, they would not be so desperate to build their enormous security and surveillance apparatus. They are afraid of the people. Everywhere.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Hear all about it!
Here’s a must-see testimony about Israel by an Israeli journalist that’s a musn’t-show in the msm: David Sheen – Russell Tribunal


“All the lonely people live in the same place,
but it’s not crowded because nobody is there.”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. davidgrayling / Sep 30 2014 3:19 am

    Well done, Joel. We are on the same page I reckon!

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