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October 14, 2014 / Fantelius

Pink Protests = Brown Politics

”I think she/he protests too much.”
This expression, derived from Shakespeare, means that the protester is hiding something.

This comes to mind because of an article by Medea Benjamin, ”Why Are The Media Playing Lapdog And Not Watchdog – Again – On War In Iraq?” (ICH, Oct. 11)

She writes, ”The media not only regurgitated official US messages but packaged them better than the government itself ever could. /—/
Obsessed with maintaining access to power, the mainstream media just keeps handing their megaphone to the powerful and self-interested.”

The-media-not-doing-their-job thesis dances front stage regularly on the scene of government critics, progressive pundits and leftist protesters. It’s costumed in conventional wisdom. We are told that if not for the subservient (mainstream) media the public would be enlightened and equipped to take appropriate action.

Me thinks they protest too much! The media is doing exactly what it is supposed to do as the voice of corporate power. It’s a corporate organization, owned and controlled by corporate executives who are members of the 1%. Why should anyone expect the media to act against the interests of the people controlling them? They don’t keep handing their megaphone to the powerful, they are the megaphone of the powerful.

Medea claims that ”the credit for selling Obama’s war on ISIS must go to the mainstream American media.” She’s correct, but implies that the media is at fault. It’s supposed to be ”free” and should therefore be the object of our protests. She, like a significant section of the ”left”, is conspicuously silent about who owns and controls the media. They protest the fist and neglect the puncher.

If we admit the obvious, that corporate power controls the media—and the government—we would have to admit that the USA is a fascist state. Fascism = a political regime ideologically based on a relationship between business (corporations) and a centralized government.

We wouldn’t want to do that, would we? (sarcasm) It’s preferable—particularly for those who live comfortably under the prevailing (fascist) order—to protest and protest and hope that no one notices that it’s a bit too much.


“Pink is passion diluted with innocence.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. sans palinurus / Oct 14 2014 2:21 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with the sentiments you express in this, your latest post Fantelius.
    Here is a link you and your readers may find interesting. It’s an Israeli site that lists more than fifty laws that discriminate against Palestinians in Israel and which neatly refutes the argument that Israel is not a racist state.

    • Fantelius / Oct 14 2014 2:51 pm

      Thanks sans,
      Even if most of my readers are aware of the racist nature of Israel, a few more logs to the fire will send the light further.

  2. camelien / Oct 14 2014 4:53 am

    I blame the anti-Semites; ironically, Zionists, racists themselves crying loudest from the wilderness of hypocrisy; but from what I’ve learned about anti-Semites is that Israelis are the the worst offenders’ Are continually shooting themselves in the foot by their accusations because sects of Arabs are Semitic, as well. Constantly we hear tales of “death to the Jews” from Israel but videos of Israeli youth decrying “death to the Arabs!” rings another bell. However, two wrongs do not and never did make a right.. Were it not for sanity’; the whole chicanery of the racial debauchery causing most of the hysteria in the middle east could easily have over-whelmed the western world and thrown us all into global chaos. heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh as if we’re not already,; yes? Oh my my; from where do you think orders to drone opposition hales. The Chief???? With all those having ‘dual citizenship’ with patriotism “off shore?” as it were. hahahhahahahahahaha.

    Oh, give it up; are we in the western world really that dumbed-down we believe the rhetoric from ‘the matrix’ now that ‘social medial’ has blown the cover off ‘priv-a-see?” Not!

    Sorry; sometimes the hypocrisy of the ‘modern world’ blows my mind; am stunned by my personal bank of historical factual knowledge is contrary in lieu of fiction doled out by ‘education’ and any ruling present power’s prerogative regardless for which aspect of humanity their political stripe is worn. Especially people in media referring to enemies as ‘barbaric’ yet whose patriotism allows without recourse to drop bombs on their supposed opposition; the innocent folk living in tall housing complexes in Palestine, the very folk accused of murdering Israelis while a great deal of independent media video footage recorded during assaults on Gaza and the West Bank document proof of atrocities committed by Israel. So methinks the global ‘pity party’ for Israeli ‘holocaust survivors’ has ended.. Their bad for following the leaders who are not..
    So. Who are those racist people in control? Where did they come from, this time? Certainly wasn’t the holocaust from seven decades ago; so why are the current immigrants allowed to enter and occupy ‘settlements’ built where Israel had violently ‘mowed the lawn’ in Palestine denying the historical citizens of Palestinians to be ‘left out in the cold.’ as it is.

    Of course, am preaching to the choir; again. My bad. Shhh!

    • Fantelius / Oct 14 2014 5:06 am

      Thanks for the sermon to the choir!
      “Who are those racist people in control? Where did they come from”
      They are the greed-diseased 1% sitting on top of a mountain of money accumulated by the money-oriented prevailing order. The order that is in violent opposition to a people-oriented order.

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