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November 26, 2014 / Fantelius

The (NY)Times Speaks Empire Poison

We have a front-row seat at a performance of msm propaganda when the foremost representative of that media, the prestigious New York Times, reports on a decision of the American justice system to allow its servants to commit murder.

Make no mistake about it, the main story of the day (Ferguson) written jointly by three journalists in the main newspaper of the nation contains not a careless word. We read what the masters want us to know.

The opening paragraph spells it out: no charges against white cop who ”fatally shot” unarmed black teenager. The spotlight follows the race aspect. This is one of the two main themes. Keep playing the race card. But don’t overdue it. Don’t say that the police officer murdered or killed the kid, go with ”fatally shot.”

More important, don’t put the police murder in context. Don’t mention that police officers kill 10 people a week in the USA, which is ten times more than their European colleagues. The police-killed victims belong to the poor or marginalized segment of the population. Although ”people of color” are disproportionately represented, the number of whites alone still exceed any figures in Europe. And don’t whisper a word about the recent and ongoing dynamic militarization of the police in general, or how it parallels the expansive surveillance and security apparatus. In short, rip this story out of context…
so that we can do our main job, protect ”the system”.

The concentrate of the propaganda
Of the hundreds of demonstrators outside the courthouse and the thousands in the streets of Ferguson, the NT Times quotes one unnamed woman. One person of tens of thousands. Unidentified. She says, “The system failed us again.”
This should be follow by a fanfare, Tat-tat-ta-taaaaa, because this is the heart of the message, the concentrate of the propaganda. It is repeated more forcefully in an official statement by the murdered boy’s family, ”We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen.”

Listen carefully, Dorothy, the system didn’t fail. It works precisely the way it’s supposed to work. Everyone, particularly the angry and disenfranchised poor people, are to be made clearly aware that the servants of the system, the police in this case, can do whatever they want to do including murder. The system will protect them. Just as it protects the wealthy who are too big to fail and too rich to jail. Just as it takes from the majority of the people to give to a tiny minority of people running the system.

Why should we work together to fix the system? The system is the problem. The system causes injustice, generates colossal inequality and protects those who commit crimes. The NY Times tells us to have faith in the system, to fix it.
The system is evil. It doesn’t need fixing. It needs replacing.



“Live not too fast or too slow.
Don’t run from the times, don’t follow the flow.
Truth can hide in shadows, beauty doesn’t always glow.
Struggle for justice and help love to grow.
Avoid all circuses with no clowns in the show,
and watch out for an eagle who rhymes like a crow.”*
Dartwill Aquila
*(The word Eagle comes from the Latin word Aquila.)




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