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December 2, 2014 / Fantelius

Steel Hearts, Hate Stones, Assassinated Kid

3 months after the bus boycott broke the policy of segregation in Montgomery (1957) the city passed an ordinance making it “unlawful for white and colored persons to play together … cards …. billiards … baseball … games … contests … indoors or outdoors.”

Forbidding people of different colors to play together embarrasses God and illustrates that some people can have a heart of steel filled with stones of hate.

This comes to mind when seeing the ASSASSINATION of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Yes, assassination! This isn’t a question of a ”simple” murder. Look at the video

Despite the caller telling the police that the gun is probably a toy, and despite the obvious size and age of the boy, and despite the lack of a threat to anyone, the police car drives up on the grass and stops right beside the boy and a police shoots him as quickly as he gets out of the car. This maneuver goes against all police training and protocol. Not a gram of caution is employed. Something stinks. Common sense is bleeding. It would be suicidal for police to perform in this fashion if a real gun was involved.

Why the assassination? I have nothing but a guess based on the video and public information. So many of the pictures from the Ferguson protests show white faces throughout the crowds. This threatens the people who run the country. How dare the blacks allow so many whites to join them and how dare so many whites join the blacks. The whites and blacks are supposed to hate each other. If the rulers can’t prohibit the races from playing together they can at least provoke them to fight each other. My guess is that Tamir was assassinated to stimulate race antagonism. If the races stop seeing each other as a threat and unite against their real and common enemy, the people in power will start shitting stones.

(Come now! I know you want to say something. Use the comment section below.)


“We don’t have to love each other to respect and sympathize with each other.
The only problem is that respect and sympathy lead to love.”
Dartwill Aquila




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