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December 17, 2014 / Fantelius

Torture Pause

OK, OK, I get it. Now it’s torture weeks. Racism and police brutality weeks are over.

We’re going to do our torture project, boys and girls. Prepare a presentation to show that torture is bad. Be careful to make it look like it is something new, something we started doing recently. People will get upset if you point out that we’ve been torturing all over the world for decades. No need to mention that our many and overfilled prisons are basically torture institutes with leniency for the most obedient. Anyone bringing up Nick Turse’s book Kill Anything That Moves, illustrating our ability to torture, maim and kill on an industrial scale in the 1960s, will not receive a passing grade. And don’t forget to say that other countries torture worse than we do even though we train, supervise and pay them and deliver the victims to them.

Let’s get to work, children. If your reports are not finished before the torture weeks are over I’ll be forced to interrogate you about your negligence. Enhancedly, of course.



“If you were my prisoner of love
I’d place you in a cell of sensuality.
With moist tenderness
hot and solid instruments
I’d torture
your every inhibition of pleasure
until my name
came moaning from your throat,
the liberator of your ecstasy.”
Dartwill Aquila




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