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January 13, 2015 / Fantelius

Are the French Soldiers in Mali also Charlie?

The French put boots down in Mali two years ago to help stop militant uprisings in the north. They seem to have been successful. Instead of leaving they signed on for an additional five years to build military bases and conduct operations. For security reasons. They aligned themselves with the major rebel group (MNLA) and even told the Malian army to stay away.

The French willingness to help the people of Mali is certainly generous considering the difficulties in France. The troops happen to be concentrated in the northeast on the border of Niger where the French corporation Areva mines uranium. (75% of electricity in France comes from nuclear plants.) Of course it’s a coincidence that Areva made investments of €1 900 000 000 around the time the French military got their 5-year contract to stay in the area. For security reasons.

Charlie cheer leaders are convinced that the French troops have killed Malians, rebels and terrorists altruistically. For security reasons. The French soldiers are Charlie too, aren’t they?

BTW: Mali also borders on Algeria. (No ”Welcome back” signs have been spotted on the Algerian side.)



“Nothing dances in the spotlight of the media stage
unless the media producers determine the choreography
and orchestrate the music.”
Dartwill Aquila




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