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January 26, 2015 / Fantelius

AIPAC Lobby Myth 4 – The Tale of the Tail

Anthony Bellchamers (Global Research, Jan 24, 2015) commenting on the announcement that Netanyahu will speak to the US Congress (without the President’s approval) rings out the msm’s tale of the tail (wagging the dog.) “The current Congress follows the agenda of AIPAC.” The President will be humiliated “before an AIPAC-controlled Congress.”

Netanyahu received the invitation “without prior White House knowledge or approval”. A congressman made the invitation thereby side-stepping the White House whose spokesperson Josh Earnest confirms that this unusual bypassing of the President is a departure from “typical protocol.” This is proof of AIPAC’s power claim the tellers of the tail tale.

It isn’t. It proves the opposite while demonstrating the art of disinformation and diversion. Congress didn’t invite Netanyahu, a single congressman did. If we buy the story, we must concede that the White House is controlled by AIPAC, not the Congress. Why has the White House/President allowed this? It could have stopped it with a simple no. The President has absolute authority in question of contacts with other heads of state.

What is described as “a departure from ‘typical protocol'” is a break in the rules; not just the rules of the USA, but of every other government in the world. Ever. It’s a break in basic organization rules, without which, organizations cannot function. Subordinates cannot decide above the heads and in opposition to the leadership. That’s an unalterable rule (protocol). A colonel can’t make decisions against a general. A company executive cannot decide policy in opposition to the CEO. A waiter can’t tell the cook what food to prepare. It’s ridiculous to assume that the White House would accept this flagrant breach of protocol with merely a “whoops!” No president could be that wishy-washy and remain standing.

When a law is broken, the criminal may or may not be caught or brought to justice, but the law remains. When a rule is broken, it’s a new game. If a congressman is allowed to make presidential decisions, government loses all meaning.

So what’s happening here? Could this be the work of AIPAC? Can little Israel determine the policy of the USA? Can a tail wag the dog? Of course not. The so called “powerful” AIPAC spends about $24 million a year lobbying. Compare this to Boeing $90 million, Northrop Grumman $88 million or Lockheed Martin $79 million. These three weapons corporations are merely three players (albeit major) in the military lobbying conglomerate. General Electric, for example, weighs in with its $134 million lobbying budget. Many more corporations swim in the military pool, but this should be enough to put the AIPAC influence in perspective. Would anyone, unless thinking like the opening beneath a dog’s tail, suppose that AIPAC/Israel has more influence on the US government than the USA military and the corporations equipping it? We might also remind ourselves that most of the $3 billion that Israel receives in “aid” every year goes to the US weapons industry.

Have you ever heard anyone claim that the weapons and military corporations control congress? Probably not. Yet their power over Congress/the government is that of an elephant compared to AIPAC/Israel as an elephant’s tail.

It appears more reasonable to view Israel as a USA military garrison with Netanyahu as its commander. If the military wants the commander to speak to Congress about military options against Iran, the commander comes and speaks regardless of what the White House thinks or wants.
What does that tell us about the USA?

An RT documentary tells us that North Korea is a totally militarized country spending 17,5% of its budget on military expenditures. What does that tell us about the USA that spends nearly 50%?



“Power takes money. Money buys power.”
Dartwill Aquila




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