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February 5, 2015 / Fantelius

Pointed Successful War

We constantly hear critical voices condemning the pointless or meaningless wars of the USA. Yet there is no such thing as a pointless or meaningless war. War is, and always has been, started as an enterprise of conquest. Always! History owns not a single exception. The wars fought against the aggression are something else.

Of course those who start a war—the enterprise of conquest—first bombard their subjects with lies and claims of noble and necessary causes. Believing this nonsense borders on the criminal. Psyops however spray perfumed jingoism on this garbage and sell it as a product worth killing and dying for.

The flip side of criticizing the pointless wars voices criticism of the lack of results. ”We” have achieved nothing. Not in Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Libya, Syria … ”We” have only created more enemies, more terrorists, more conflicts, more bombings …

This ”we” doesn’t seem to include a glaring exception. Some people, an extreme minority of the people, have done extremely well during these pointless and resultless wars. They have conquered more and more wealth.

Could there be a connection between the people who start the wars and the conquest of more and more wealth? Perhaps these wars are not so meaningless and unsuccessful as claimed. For some people.



“Follow the money! It’s a PPS, a Plutocrat Positioning System”
Dartwill Aquila




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