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February 7, 2015 / Fantelius

In Search of a Greater Tribe

Sat. rerun from  2012-08-12

Sat. rerun from 2012-08-12

Damaged and scarred he wanders away from his tribe.

He didn’t cry when they flashed the colors,
and didn’t bow to conventional sentiments
or sentimental conventions.

He questioned official answers,
showed no obedience to petrified traditions,
felt no reverence for titles
and didn’t worship the accumulation of glitter.
He didn’t conform to glossy advise on how to be
and displayed no fear of being who he was.

He heard the drums of a distant truth
beating to a rhythm that matched his pulse.
He heard the song of many colors singing in different harmonies.
He longed for soft words speaking hard questions
calmly determined to respect knowledge in the service of justice.
He follows a vision of walking down strange streets in strange places
meeting familiar smiles eager to cool his burning curiosity.

He wanders. He wanders in search of a greater tribe.



“Following the path of our heart, we can reach the heights of our soul.”
Dartwill Aquila




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