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February 16, 2015 / Fantelius

Wadj, A Guest from the Distant Future

Hi, I’m a Wadj and my name is Kulkulius. A Wadj, pronounced ”wadge” like in badge, is the result of 180 million years of human evolution. We first survived through a narrow evolutionary passage when almost all of humanity died out.

Nanotechnology was still new when scientists were able to create a protein complex that adapted the heme group of hemoglobin to accept, instead of iron, a magnesium atom as in chlorophyl . The new protein was grafted to a hair gene allowing strands of hair to utilize energy directly from the sun. The energy accumulated by the first pale green hairs was negligible. Not so for the debate about and the resistance to the new technology which was explosive and sometimes deadly. By the time of the ”Long Summer” (years of heat, drought and short violent storms resulting from global warming) green hair had become more efficient in harvesting energy. Although no where near its potential, when provided with the sun of the Long Summer it made enough of a difference when food sources became catastrophically scarce, to permit the people with green hair to survive where those lacking this adaptation died out.

Our world lies beyond your power of imagination. You, for example, couldn’t explain light bulbs to someone from the 18th century, much less ”smart” phones. That was a few hundred years ago. Trying to talk to you over the span of 180 million years is too big a gap. But here are two main facts.

Your world contains worms with copper teeth. (Many species of the Glycera genus.) Instead of copper teeth, try to contemplate copper, and silver, nerve extensions forming the circuitry for nano-sized computers. Although far different from your naive visions of cyborgs, each Wadj is internally wired with more computing power than your entire world contains, and it’s driven directly by the energy of the sun. We all have access to everyone on earth and can see and hear what they are seeing and hearing with near perfect fidelity.

See, I told you that the gap was too big.

I lied. Humanity never got through the evolutionary passage. Humans died out because they abandoned their humanity. They couldn’t liberate themselves from their nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or group identity. They couldn’t unite on the basis of their humanity. It was instead another biological form that adapted vegetive, chlorophyl enhanced, energizing abilities that eventually became Wadjes.

I was advised not to tell you this, but I thought, why not? It doesn’t matter anyway. If they can’t unite on their humanity, it doesn’t matter what anyone or anything says to them.



“In less than 10,000 years after the last human
not a trace of human arrogance
will be seen on the surface of the earth.”
Dartwill Aquila




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