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February 19, 2015 / Fantelius

To a Highly Educated Ignorant Intellectual


All the members of the USA congress are millionaires
or close to it.
Financially, they belong to the top 2% of Americans.*
Why, in your wildest imagination, would you imagine
that their decisions should favor anyone other
than the top 2% of Americans.
Why, even with a moderate intelligence,
would you assume that they represent anyone other
than the top 2% of Americans, when
simple data shows that all money flows to these political hos
while everyone else suffers with economic woes?
Why, even with an anemic IQ,
would you believe that this is democracy?
Why, in spite of your disinformed intellect,
can’t you see that the government is stealing
from you
while surveilling you claiming to protect you
from bad guys in poor countries far away in strange places?
I don’t expect you to see that 500 billionaires
— 2% of 1% of 1% of America’s millionaires —
own the congress
and use it as their administration
to get your money into their accounts.
Sorry if I’ve disturbed your comfortable myths
but I’ve been as gentle as I can.
is the very mildest of the crimes
these well-mannered, well-titled, well-merited,
well-dressed, well-smile-practiced
homegrown enemies commit.


*(While the figures vary somewhat, this configuration of inequality is similar in most of the countries of the world.)


“If you make a monster of your enemy
you won’t even notice him
before his fangs are in your throat.”
Dartwill Aquila




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