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February 25, 2015 / Fantelius

The Congressional Choir, Dying Dinosaurs

(Short version)
The billionaires hire millionaires and support them to administer the flow of money into the treasure chests of the billionaires.

(Extended version)
The billionaires (1%) hire (with campaign funds) millionaires (to be Members of Congress) and support them (with lobby bribes and perks) to administer (pass laws and rules) the flow of money (taxes and subsidies) into the treasure chests (wealth) of the billionaires (corporation owners.)

Although they claim to be exceptional, they are not. On the contrary, this structure of government and society seems to be the norm throughout the world. America is exceptional merely in its wealth, strength and leading position. All diminishing.
Danger, danger! Dying dinosaurs can be extremely destructive.



“The millionaire Members of Congress form a four-part choir
—Senators, Representatives, Republicans and Democrats—
to sing
(with impressive harmony considering their whiny voices):
“Democracy, democracy and democracy, Hallelujah!”
over and over again.”
Dartwill Aquila




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