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March 16, 2015 / Fantelius

The American Way of Brainwashing

During email correspondence Lale served me the American view of Ukraine and Putin. Stepping lightly I wrote that one shouldn’t judge a conflict when only hearing one side of the argument.
Lale replied by assuring me of his comprehensive knowledge because of, “news inputs from a wide range of sources … subscriptions to the Atlantic and to Time … referenced the BBC, the Guardian and al-Jazeera … gets perspective from Jon Stewart’s satires… ”

Brainwashed Lale never suspects that his “wide range” never extends beyond the corporate ranch of the West. He has, for example, heard several of Obama’s speeches and writes,
“One cannot compare Putin and Mr. Obama. The former is a ruthless dictator in a country used to bowing to totalitarianism. Obama is president of a democracy.”

When I suggested hearing both sides of an argument, I assumed that Putin’s speeches are the other side of Obama’s. (They are accessible on the net with subtitles or translations.) Lale has never heard what Putin has to say, or anyone else on the Russian side of the conflict. If he had, he’d have noticed that regardless of the subject, Obama speaks in flowery abstractions whereas Putin talks in concrete terms about specific circumstances.
In comparison to the “wide range” of Western sources, I wish Lale would listen to an interview with one high Russian official such as Evgeny Fedorov.

If Lale could get over his brainwashed prejudices (which I doubt that he can), he’d think, “Wow, this guy knows what he’s talking about, and he keeps putting things in a larger perspective.”
Lale however, like the rest of his propagandized contemporaries, won’t venture off the wide range of the corporate ranch of the North Atlantic Empire.

Almost every country of the world has at least one English newspaper or site accessible on the net. Google Burma News for example and see things from a Burmese perspective. Like the students protesting against police brutality the other day.

Try Tehran Times in Iran and learn that the three most popular movies of the year were directed by women. You can also view a trailer of the most popular one, The City of Mice 2, and see that both Disney and the Moppets have something to learn.

Why not subscribe to Pambazuka News and stay up to date with the dynamic developments in Africa. You’d get to know that the South Africans recently stated that they consider Israel’s apartheid worse than what they experienced. None of the wide range of sources in the West reported that. You’d also learn more about Africa in one article by Patrick Bond DISCONNECTING THE MINERALS-ENERGY-CLIMATE DOTS than in years of covering the msm in the West. You’d gain insights into the relationship between stealing mineral resources, depriving the people of a dependable supply of energy and contaminating the atmosphere. Among other things.

You have the world at your finger tips with the internet. Get out there and let fresh perspectives blow the cobwebs out of your mind. Consuming msm junk hardens the arteries of thought.

The American way of brainwashing creates opinionated people who believe themselves well informed.



“Brainwashing is a method of getting rid of undesirable thoughts.
Today it should call it brain-dirtying because they put unwashed thoughts in.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. sans palinurus / Mar 16 2015 9:12 am

    I note with a heightened sense of incredulity that a recent poll in the
    U.S. concluded that Fox News was regarded as the most reliable and trustworthy source of information by a majority of Americans. Whereas I know for a fact that FN is a source of dissimulation, hypocrisy and outright mendacity, posing as factual content, i.e. propaganda.
    The king is unaware that he has no clothes.
    Right on the nose as always Fantelius, keep it coming!

  2. sayedhusaini / Mar 16 2015 6:22 am

    Even the so-called ‘local’ or ‘national’ media is grazing in the ranches of the Western corporate sponsored media, and/ or the local media is owned by the local petty material-based political interest groups.

    • Fantelius / Mar 16 2015 6:33 am

      Yes, unfortunately, but there are other perspectives out there, particulaly the sources such as Pambazuka for Afrika and even ‘national’ media with comments by people pushing back against the North Atlantic Empire.

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